3MT previous competitions

  Hannah MacDougall speaking at the 2015 3MT competitionWhat previous participants have said about 3MT

"3MT gives the opportunity to not only showcase one's passion but also to do so in a creative manner."

"They were three of the most challenging, yet at the same time interesting, rewarding and most confident minutes of my PhD life."

"I think the 3MT challenge is an excellent opportunity to clearly and concisely communicate with an audience not necessarily versed in your particular field."

"The 3MT helped hone the central argument of my thesis, as well as refine the way that I explain and pitch my ideas."

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2015 3MT winners and results

La Trobe 3MT Championship results

Jen Wiltshire from the School of Life Sciences was the La Trobe 3MT Champion for 2015. Jen will compete in the Trans-Tasman Final at the University of Queensland on 2 October 2015. The GRS wishes her the very best of luck in Brisbane.

Congratulations also to all our finalists who won through some very tough competition to represent their schools and colleges.

  • Winner: Jen Wiltshire, 'I like dirt'
  • Runner up: Hannah MacDougall, 'A leg up to well-being'
  • Runner up: Murray Neuzerling, 'How to avoid robots'
  • People's choice: Jen Wiltshire, 'I like dirt'

A Storify of the Championship event is now available online. You can read about the championship at the RED team's blog, The RED Alert.

La Trobe 2015 finalists

Hannah MacDougallLa Trobe Business SchoolASSC

Daniel Davis

La Trobe Business SchoolASSC

Priyanka Reddy

School of Applied Systems BiologySHE

Murray Neuzerling

School of Engineering and Mathematical SciencesSHE

Jen Wiltshire

School of Life SciencesSHE

Karen O'Reilly-Briggs

School of EducationASSC

Katie Buckley

School of Psychology and Public HealthSHE

Edwina Kay

School of Humanities and Social ScienceASSC

Watch the La Trobe 2015 3MT Championship finalists

2015 3MT - Hannah MacDougall

Presentation from La Trobe's 3MT Championship

2015 3MT - Daniel Davis

Presentation from La Trobe's 3MT Championship

2015 3MT - Priyanka Reddy

Presentation from La Trobe's 3MT Championship

2015 3MT - Murray Neuzerling

Presentation from La Trobe's 3MT Championship

2015 3MT - Jen Wiltshire

Presentation from La Trobe's 3MT Championship

2015 3MT - Katie Buckley

Presentation from La Trobe's 3MT Championship

2015 3MT - Edwina Kay

Presentation from La Trobe's 3MT Championship

2015 3MT - Karen O'Reilly Briggs

Presentation from La Trobe's 3MT Championship

2014 3MT winners

Vivianne Richter discusses her winning entry, 'The machine that lets mitochondria divide'

Watch the La Trobe 2014 3MT Championship finalists

2014 3MT finalist. Colin Hoad

Student engagement and humour in the context of outdoor education

2014 3MT finalist. Esin Ozdil

Strategising and accounting practices in universities: A mechanism for survival and strategic alignment?

2014 3MT finalist. Sangeeta Sangwan

Stabilising characteristics of Rotator cuff muscles

2014 3MT finalist. Kulaya Pongpan

Exoticised Others?: Representations of Thai Female Prostitutes in Contemporary Western and Thai Fiction

2014 3MT finalist. Kate Lawler

What is the best model of care for providing physiotherapy in Australia's Transition Care Program?

2014 3MT finalist. Lara Bereza-Malcolm

Microbial Sniffer Dogs

2014 3MT finalist. Jubin John

Influences of socially responsible business practices on supply chain relationships in organic produce supply chains

2014 3MT finalist. Bree Ahrens

Taking the private sphere public: Domestic workers' unions in Indonesia

2013 3MT winners

Watch the La Trobe 2013 3MT Championship finalists

Don't move!

3MT Presentation by finalist Swapna Varghese

Getting to the root of the problem; saving the environment from the ground up

3MT Presentation by finalist Jen Wiltshire on 19 September 2013

Rethinking 'class': Attempts by Marxists in the 1980s to build a theory of Australian social classes

3MT Presentation by finalist Henry Paternoster on 19 September 2013

Me Write Myself: Re-Presenting the exile of Van Diemen's Land Aborigines at Wybalenna, 1832-1847

3MT Presentation by finalist Leonie Stevens on 19 September 2013

To be dancing "like a man"

3MT Presentation by finalist Andrew Westle on 19 September 2013

An exploratory study of Vietnamese concept of face "Th? Di?n"

3MT Presentation by finalist Trang Nguyen

Peer based practicum: Learning in a neighbourhood of teachers

3MT Presentation by finalist Leonie Jepson-Harding on 19 September 2013

A stakeholder perspective on regulating commercial tourism operators in Victoria's National Parks

3MT Presentation by finalist Erica Randle on 19 September 2013

The feeling is mutual - To trust or not to trust credit unions' performance

3MT Presentation by finalist Luisa Unda on 19 September 2013