2020 Research Award winners

The La Trobe Research Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of our high performing researchers. There are many exceptional researchers across our university who undertake high impact research, win competitive grants, produce high quality outputs and enhance the University’s research culture. Our Research Awards are an opportunity to honour and celebrate these staff.

The 2020 Research Excellence Awards were presented at the Staff Awards ceremony in December 2020. Congratulations to our winners.

Excellence in Graduate Research Supervision Award

Professor Kay Crossley

In recognition of Professor Crossley’s leadership through establishing the Knowledge Translation Accelerator Program that has created an environment for research training which develops her candidates’ skills in research translation, communication and community engagement, along with an inclusive culture through flexible working, family support for research travel, mentorship and ensuring gender balance in supervisory teams. Her candidates have been hugely successful in undertaking impactful research in their own research careers.

Excellence in Research Engagement and Impact Award

Dr Dana Wong

In recognition of Dr Wong’s impactful research that leads to better access to evidence-based, cost-effective interventions to improve the lives of survivors of acquired brain injury and their families. Dr Wong’s strategic engagement with various stakeholders at all levels and the dissemination of her work has influenced practice, change clinical skills and knowledge which will lead to lasting impact for clinicians and their patients.

Highly Commended:
Dr Timothy Jones and Dr Jennifer Power

In recognition of the impact of Dr Jones and Dr Power’s research on improving the health and wellbeing outcomes for LGBT people of faith, through partnership and engagement with stakeholder advocacy groups and policy makers.

Research Excellence Award for an Early Career Researcher in the College of Science, Health and Engineering

Dr Joanne Kemp, LASEM Research Centre, School of Allied Health, Human Services and Sport

In recognition of Dr Kemp's research on hip pain and osteoarthritis across the lifespan. Dr Kemp leads a research program to determine the best non-surgical and surgical treatments for adults of all ages suffering from hip pain.

Research Excellence Award for Early Career Researchers in the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Dr Yves Rees, Lecturer, History

In recognition of Dr Rees' highly productive research performance. Dr Rees has produced two sole-authored monographs and several sole-authored articles, as well as  a number of innovative and impactful outputs including podcasts and radio work. Dr Rees was recently awarded a 2020 Calibre Essay Prize for their essay Reading the Mess Backwards.

Dr Kate O’Connor, Lecturer, Leadership and Policy, Education

In recognition of Dr O'Connor's highly productive research performance which has resulted in several awards and commendations. Dr O'Connor has published several journal articles and book chapters and has also secured a book contract with Springer. Her research is highly innovative and can be applied broadly and beyond Education. She has also been successful in an application for external income.

Research Excellence Award for a Mid-Career Researcher in the College of Science, Health and Engineering

Professor Jason Dutton, Molecular Sciences/Chemistry and Physics

In recognition of Professor Dutton's nationally and internationally recognized contributions to fundamental chemistry in a wide variety of projects spanning inorganic, organic and theoretical chemistry.

Research Excellence Award for a Mid-Career Researcher in the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce

Associate Professor Andrea Carson, Journalism

In recognition of Dr Carson's impressive research track record including high quality publications, demonstrated community impact, and exceptionally strong external grant success. Dr Carson has published 2 books, 17 journal articles and 6 book chapters, and has nearly 300 google scholar citations. Three of these journal articles were published in journals with an impact factor greater than 2.0. publication.