Inspirational teachers in Nursing and Midwifery

Meet our inspirational teachers and find out how they are preparing health professionals for the workforce

The School of Nursing and Midwifery is educating the next generation health professionals.

Our academic staff ensures our graduates are excellent communicators and advocates, have transferable leadership skills, are digitally literate and culturally safe.

We equip students to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and innovative problem solvers, to ensure they improve outcomes for the communities they serve.

Meet some of our inspiring educators.

Safe and effective care

Ms Rachel Cross (pictured above) is Acting Site Coordinator of the La Trobe/Alfred Clinical School of Nursing and Course Coordinator of our Master of Nursing (Emergency Care).

“I am a Fellow of the College of Emergency Nurses Australasia,” says Ms Cross, “and I am passionate about ensuring nurses deliver safe and effective care to patients.”

Ms Cross specialises in nursing care delivery, from the safety of patients in the emergency department to how students are assessed in clinical environments.

“My research findings inform how I educate nurses,” she says. “I love teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students, and preparing them to be confident, self-reflective practitioners within the nursing workforce.”

Inspiring best practice

Catina Adams is a Lecturer and Course Coordinator of La Trobe's Graduate Diploma in Child, Family and Community Nursing.

“The Graduate Diploma enables qualified nurse midwives to practice as a Maternal and Child Health (MCH) nurse, and support families and promote maternal and child health from birth to school age,” she says.

“I love teaching students from such broad-ranging backgrounds. I seek to inspire them to develop culturally safe, evidence- and strength-based practice. I foster an environment of resilience, where students support each other, and strengthen confidence in their ability to learn."

"We started the course with the motto, ‘no-one shall be left behind’, and it is this supportive culture that I am most proud of.”

Specialised learning

Meet Olivia Sonneborn. She is a Lecturer in Nursing who specialises in perioperative practice, medical imaging and pain management.

Sonneborn co-facilitates the Perioperative Nurse Surgical Assistant short course and coordinates the Pain Management short course.

She also coordinates the Master of Nursing (Perioperative Practice) specialisation, and the Master of Nursing (Medical Imaging) specialisation, which is the first postgraduate nursing course in Australia to formally recognise the medical imaging nursing specialty.

“Each student enters with differing experience, knowledge and individual expectations of undertaking postgraduate study,” explains Sonneborn.

“It is rewarding to guide students to focus their learning, enhance their skills and hone their knowledge, and foster them to achieve their individual goals. We are equipping them to better support their patients, and improve health outcomes.”

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