Problems with access

Last updated: 19 Jan 2021 9:42am

Logging into Library Resources

Try resetting your password.  Visit Resetting your password for instructions.


Receiving security warnings? It’s okay to press advanced and selecting Proceed / Accept. Alternatively, try a different browser.

Please be aware that there can be a risk when bypassing warnings.

Other issues

If search is down:

eResource access - some user groups

Alumni, La Trobe College and community borrowers only: From mid-January you may be prompted to reset your password, or have difficulty accessing some eResources. If you experience issues doing this, please fill out the form below and someone will respond.

EndNote and Zotero

We are currently working on the compatibility issues that have arisen from the update to the library search interface. Read some workarounds for EndNote when using a Mac.

PDF Viewing

See instructions for if you cannot view a pdf file e.g. blank screen or incomplete document.

Factiva access and linking

Error message: Connection not private / Connection not secure / Other similar security warnings

Issue: Upon trying to access Library Search, get error about website security or privacy. This is a known issue and is no risk to any user. Our vendor is working to fix this as a high priority.


To bypass the warning on Firefox:

  1. Click "Advanced..."
  2. Click "Accept the Risk and Continue"

To bypass the warning on Chrome:

  1. Click "Advanced"
  2. Click "Proceed to (unsafe)"

To bypass the warning on Edge:

  1. Click "Details"
  2. Click "Go on to the webpage (Not recommended)"

Error message: It looks like you may have logged in to (sic) many times in your session.

Issue: Upon trying to access a webpage, get error It looks like you may have logged in to (sic) many times in your session. Please return to your last successful login and try again. If you continue to have trouble accessing Library resources please contact us to check your access details

Suggestion: This is usually caused by having multiple browser windows open, causing too many logins. Log out and clear your cookies and cache

SAI Global

Issue: Unable to access

Suggestion: SAI Global requires you to register individually before you can access it.
You can view the full standard without downloading by selecting "Read Only"
Try again at a different time- there is a limit on concurrent users


Issue: Error messages when trying to login

Suggestion: SciVal requires you to register individually before you can access it


Issue: Staff having trouble accessing

Suggestion: Login to the VPN then go to this URL

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