Pakes - Quantum materials for electronics, spintronics and biosensing

Group leader

Chris PakesProfessor Chris Pakes

Dean of Graduate Studies, La Trobe Graduate Research School, College of Science, Health and Engineering

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Research overview

Our team is interested in the functionalisation of technologically interesting materials such as diamond, graphene, silicon and organic semiconductors via the chemical modification of the surface and surface transfer doping. We have a strong focus on the functionalisation of diamond surfaces at the atomic-scale to engineer two-dimensional devices with applications in quantum electronics and biosensing.

The group is based in La Trobe's Atom-scale Research Laboratory which houses three ultra-high vacuum (UHV) scanning probe microscopes for atomic scale imaging and manipulation, and suite of UHV instrumentation for the functionalisation and characterisation of surfaces. We work closely with partners at the Australian Synchrotron, University of Erlangen, University of Nottingham, National University of Singapore, and a number of Australian Institutions. We utilise synchrotron-based X-ray facilities at the Australian Synchrotron, BESSY and the Singapore Synchrotron Light Source, and facilities for device fabrication and quantum measurement at the University of Melbourne.

Research areas