Learning and Teaching

Our Future Ready strategy envisages bold futures for La Trobe’s students, and maps the educational means for them to realise their potential. The University is unerring in its belief that higher education is transformative; unswerving in its commitment to deliver distinctive, relevant courses in a period of rapid change; and determined to do so in ways which highlight La Trobe’s proud traditions of quality, social justice, and effective engagement with diversity.

La Trobe Framework

Designed to integrate distinctive elements of learning and teaching, including Radical Learning, Graduate Capabilities, the La Trobe Essentials, the Hallmark Program and Learning Enrichment.

Teaching guides and resources

An introduction to university teaching, inclusive teaching practices and Effective Teaching Guides.

Flexible and online learning

Our flexible approaches to teaching and learning recognise and support diverse student needs.

Assessment and feedback

Our teaching guides provide strategies for effectively assessing your curriculum.

Evaluating your teaching

Evaluation is crucial for gauging the success of your teaching and student learning.

Professional development

There is a range of opportunities for skills development and career advancement at La Trobe.

Higher education scholarship and research

There are several ways in which La Trobe staff can actively participate in the scholarship of higher education.

Awards, grants and fellowships

We support and celebrate excellent teaching through a range of awards, grants and fellowships.