First aid registers

To ensure that appropriate first aid is available to staff and schools, a network of staff trained in first aid has been established at all campuses.

Information on first aid training

Melbourne (Bundoora) campus

  PhoneLevel 2 FA ExpiryCPR Expiry
Agri-Bio Building
Level 1 Hayley Toet9032 74298/10/2018Expired
Level 2Johnny Barwary9032 750929/01/202029/01/2018
Beth Gleeson Building – SW4
Biological Science 1 – NW3
Level 2Trish King203811/08/2018Expired
 May Gu 562818/07/202018/07/2018
Biological Science 2 – NW7
Children's Centre – CCR
 Jenny Reynolds 2122CurrentCurrent
 Helen Brand2122CurrentCurrent
 Katherine Pye2122CurrentCurrent
David Myers Building Central – DMBC
Level 3Belinda Lawrence475021/07/202021/07/2018
David Myers Building East – DMBE
Level 1Vacant    
Level 2 Giulia Gizzi110323/06/201818/11/2017
 Kemperly Dynon 124022/01/2018Expired
 Elizabeth Torney100830/06/201921/07/2018
David Myers Building West - DMBW
Level 1Vacant    
Level 2Alison Aquilina670421/07/202021/07/2018
Level 3Vacant   
Donald Whitehead Building – NE1
Level 1Vacant   
Level 2Vacant   
Level 3Sudi Chandrasekharan16837th Jan 2019Expired
 Donna Burnett662029th Oct 201725/8/2017
Level 4Vacant   
Education 1 – SE6
Level 4Lee Shore186811/11/201921/04/2018
 Amber Jennings2491  
 Denise Rogers254625/07/202025/07/2018
Education 2 – SE2
EH2 – Marketing -Creative Services
EME Building
 Kali Micallef383221/07/202021/07/2018
George Singer Building-NW8
Level 4Mathew Marques202422/07/2019Expired
 Warwick Burnham592414th Jan 2018Expired
Graduate House -  NR5, NR7
Graduate Research School (JSMH)
Health Science 1 – NW9
Level 1 Vacant   
Level 2Emily Harbrow890223/05/202023/05/2018
 Bronwyn Neeson161323/05/202023/05/2018
 Renee Frizzell168723/05/202023/05/2018
 Kris Neil158623/05/202023/05/2018
 Nick Lambert197123/05/202023/05/2018
 Russ Hoye134523/05/202023/05/2018
 Emmanuelle Duglas557423/05/202023/05/2018
 Lisa Gustowski297723/05/202023/05/2018
Level 3Vacant   
Health Sciences 2 – NW10
Level 2Sherrie Wentworth575710/06/2019Expired
Level 3Vacant    
Health Sciences 3 – NW11
Health Sciences Clinic – HSC
 Kim Holmes 526015/07/202015/07/2018
La Trobe Animal Research & Teaching Facility
AH1 room A03aJoshua Brown-Lowe556727/03/202027/03/2018
 Alan Hall556728/10/201928/10/2017
 Steph Green344521/07/202021/07/2018
 Danielle NormanN/A21/07/202021/07/2018
 Dave Clark343728/01/201921/07/2018
AGHJayne Vella341013/10/201913/10/2017
Hexima Glass Houses -FSTE
Humanities 2 – SE4
Level 1Vacant    
Humanities 3 – SE1
Level 3 Maria Pavlovski520711/11/201830/05/2018
 Sarah Drew586127/04/2019Expired
 Jane Rowe167311/11/201830/05/2018
I&O - CS1 & Landscaping- CS3
Mail RoomVacant   
Power PlantVacant   
Level 1Megan Giammarco211801/12/201821/04/2018
 Alex D'Aloia569714/01/201821/07/2018
La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary-CS2
 Samantha Patterson675721/04/202021/04/2018
 Michael Cincotta287109/03/202009/03/2018
 George Paras207123/06/2018Expired
 Carlo Buratto169315/03/202015/3/2018
Library – L
Level 1Kevin Alexopoulos292914/03/202014/03/2018
 Linda Brandse336903/06/2019Expired
 Leeann Klinberg-Kirby126323/06/2018Expired
Level 2Lynette Brown292414/03/202014/03/2018
Library Security Guard 408893371currentcurrent
LIMS 1 Building
 Monica Ivanyi363523/07/2019Expired
 Margarita Bakalova256122/07/2019Expired
 Graham Bratspies251123/072019Expired
 Amelia Johnston392723/02/2019Expired
 Matthew Perugini657023/02/2019Expired
 Krish Jayatilleke227123/02/2019Expired
 Fung Lay221123/07/2019Expired
 Jason Dutton321311/08/201811/08/2017
 Belinda Abbott252023/02/201924/02/2018
LIMS 2 (PS4) – NW4
 Chris Adda115720/07/2018Expired
 Jeff Yeoman676420/07/2019Expired
 Carmel Abrahams256323/02/2019Expired
 Mandeep Kaur206205/02/2018Expired
 Jodie Young308223/07/2019Expired
 Jacqueline Orian111323/02/2019Expired
 Yolanda Gaspar352125/08/2017Expired
Martin Building – NE4
Level 1 Vacant   
Level 2Magda Karagiannakis127523/06/2018Expired
Level 3Yuji Tamura39509/02/2019Expired
 John McDonald156910/03/202010/03/2018
 Philippa Morris 163310/03/202010/03/2018
 Madeleine Kelsall553708/03/202008/03/2018
Peribolos East- PE
 John McDonald156910/03/202010/02/2018
 Wayne Aldous1967currentcurrent
 Andrew Hicks1141currentcurrent
 Sonia Chiappa258614/12/201816/03/2018
Level 2Emidio Puglielli129706/07/201830/05/2018
 Jodie Kennedy176401/04/201916/03/2018
Peribolos West – PW
Level 1Vacant    
Level 2Vacant   
Physical Sciences 1
 Eric Huwald265414/12/201818/11/2017
 Chanh Tran 263208/10/201818/11/2017
 Phil Pawlowski265801/12/201818/11/2017
 Robert Polglase264808/10/2018Expired
 Grant Van Riessen264211/11/201818/11/2017
Physical Sciences 2 – SW2
TLC (Physical Sciences 3) – NW1
 Brad East251022/07/2019Expired
R L Reid Building – NW6
Sport Centre – ISC
Upstairs OfficesAndrew Tomlinson3960currentcurrent
Upstairs OfficesBrian Razbocan 2972currentcurrent
Pool DeckAll Pool Attendants1258currentcurrent
Reception DeskAll Reception Staff2973currentcurrent
Social Sciences – NE2
Level 2Antoanela Safca896815/12/201830/05/2018
 Helen Young042430121331/03/202031/03/2018
Sylvia Walton Building
Level 3Rani Roy331311/11/2018Expired
 Annie Nguyen343911/11/2018Expired
Level 4Vacant    
Level 5Vacant    
 Jennifer Page (on maternity leave)181914/12/2018Expired
The Terraces - TER12-TER14
Terrace 12-13David Hird3979 09/03/202009/03/2018
 Andrew Riemann5632 25 Nov 17 18th Nov 2017
 Mentes Keles3371 25 Nov 1718th Nov 2017
 Terry Rollinson1122 23 Jun 1818/11/2017
 Liz Vardy6527 28/06/202028/06/2018
Terrace 14    
level 1Ben Garner173129/09/201824/02/2018
 Adam Renn266728/06/202028/06/2018
 Pio Liwanag201628/06/202028/06/2018
 Benita Walton607628/06/202028/06/2018
 Sallie Carman608928/06/202028/06/2018
level 2Josh Marsden 1788Expired16/12/2018
 Spomenka Krizmanic218611/12/201816/11/2017
 Aidan Pearce163423/05/202023/05/2018
Thomas Cherry Building-X1
Level 1Vacant    
Level 2Vacant    
Level 3Vacant    
Union Building
 Victoria Dillon 361222/07/201921/07/2018
 Jayde Wood 361222/07/2019Expired
 Sharyn Brady317007/09/201907/09/2017
 Edward Southerington630121/04/202021/04/2018
 Angela Smith526607/09/201907/09/2017
Level 3Cass Perkins 884125/09/201814/10/2017

Bendigo campus

LocationNamePhoneFirst aid expiryCPR expiry
Administration Precinct and Physical Education
 Myl Duffy723907/09/201907/09/2017
Ann Caudle Building
Anthrozoology Lab (L/S, Level 0)
Applied Science 1 Building
Applied Science 2 Building
 Kylie Douglas739918/03/202018/3/2018
Arts Building
Business Building
Level 1Marthin Nanere795218/2/202018/2/2018
Exercise Conditioning Lab & Dog Lab
Clinical Teaching Building- Arnold Street
 Carolyn Taylor910103/08/201903/08/2017
Education Building
 Maree Skeen791219/01/201908/02/2018
 Engineering Building   
 Shiri Synan726919/01/20198/02/2018
Medical ClinicGloria Barr777028/02/201816/2/2018
Facilities Management Bendigo
Level 1 Vacant    
Graphics Design Building
HHS1 ( Health Sciences Building 1)
 Melanie Bish7855currentcurrent
HHS 2 ( Health Sciences Building 2)
 Susan Furness 7553currentcurrent
Ironbark Building
Library/Student Building (LSU)
level 0
Campus Graphics
Exercise conditioning Lab & Dog Lab 
level 1Vacant    
level 2Melissa Sinclair787109/05/2019Expired
 Jenelle Holmberg747807/09/201907/09/2017
 Lauren Grange774913/07/2018Expired
Nancy Long Dining Room
 Larraine Atherton752226/02/2019Expired
Visual Arts Building-Flora Hill Campus
Visual Arts Centre- View Street

Albury-Wodonga campus

LocationNamePhoneFirst aid expiryCPR Expiry
Building 1 - David Mann Library
level 1Julie Mahood973418/02/201914/02/2018
 Tanya Trebilock974829/06/201921/06/2018
 Bridget Smith974829/06/201921/06/2018
 Meg Clarke970311/03/2019Expired
Building 4 - Michael Osborne
Level 2Susan Smith969627/04/202027/04/2018
Building 6 - Health Sciences
 Dani Allgood 973015/06/2018Expired
Building 8 - MDFRC
 Chris Davey967128/01/201924/02/2018
 Kyle Weatherman964314/12/201914/12/2017
 Paul McInerney964902/11/201902/11/2017
 Rochelle Petrie967226/10/201926/10/2017

Franklin St city campus

Franklin St campus first aid register

LocationNamePhoneFirst aid expiryCPR expiry
Level 1Greg Undy9479 877224/07/2018Expired

Mildura campus

LocationNamePhoneFirst aid expiryCPR expiry
Benetook Ave
 Narelle Tomlinson407515/10/2018Expired
 Kym Barbary403209/06/201817/11/2017
 April Castleman402809/12/201714/12/2017
 Rebecca Crossling406909/12/2017Expired
 Michael Hiltonwood406609/06/201805/10/2017
 Braeden Lampard408609/04/201816/03/2018
 David Wood404009/04/201816/03/2018
 Paul Brown405220/04/201809/12/2017

Shepparton campus

LocationNanePhoneFirst aid expiryCPR expiry
 Amanda Farrall5820 86427/12/20197/12/2017
 Trudy Stevenson 5820 86327/12/20197/12/2017

Collins St city campus

LocationNamePhoneFirst aid expiryCPR expiry
 Claire Fernandes679715/06/2018Expired
 Margaret Tawadros679705/10/20195/10/2017
 Ishara Amarasinghe679701/07/2018Expired
 Joseph Prochilo679720/07/2019Expired
 Isabelle Meister679731/03/201921/04/2018
 Leaha Saric679724/03/202024/03/2018
 Silvia Rossetto679721/04/202021/04/2018
 Ryan Luntz679723/04/202023/04/2018
 Kiah Saric679723/04/202023/04/2018

The Bouverie Centre

NamePhoneFirst aid registerCPR expiry
Christine Neil 9385 511328/11/201928/11/2017
Alyce Smith9385 28/11/201928/11/2017
Michelle Wills9385 18/11/201918/11/2017
Tess Petrides9385 18/11/201918/11/2017

Alfred Clinical School

NamePhoneFirst aid expiryCPR expiry
Gayle McKenzie592209/04/201809/08/2017