MasterTech creating immersive digital experiences for community, students and businesses

La Trobe’s technology initiative, ‘MasterTech’ is a digital immersive program delivered over 1-week at the Digital Innovation Hub.

The program aims to build participants technical capabilities, workshop problems and create technology solutions for real business impact.

With our strategic partner Ivanhoe Grammar, we recently delivered a second iteration of the program for a cohort of Year 9 students to experience, explore and develop their skills in technology. Their latest MasterTech session ran in March this year and saw the students build upon their existing knowledge and develop new practical skills using cutting-edge technology, such as Godot, Unity, JoinXR, and the Microsoft Hololens. Across the week-long experience, the students were focused creating applications, games, and immersive experiences, MasterTech for the students aim to challenge them to work both independently and collaboratively to achieve their goals while learning how to use leading technology.

Participants in the program, Shayden and Will from Ivanhoe Grammar, found MasterTech to be ‘incredibly engaging program that provided unique opportunities,’ while also allowing him to develop his own understanding of technology. Will also saw the value in the program, stating that it was a ‘great opportunity to further build on the knowledge and learning’ from his previous technology classes.

Through the MasterTech program, the students gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology and practical skills that will undoubtedly benefit them in the future. The program offers a unique opportunity for the students of all ages to develop their skills in technology but also to gain valuable insight into being an innovator.

If you're looking to further your interest in technology and gain practical experience in a supportive environment, then the MasterTech is the program for you.

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