Future of cancer care

La Trobe University was a Silver Sponsor of the VCCC Alliance ‘Beyond The Breakthroughs’ Research Conference, which brought principal clinicians, researchers, innovators, and important consumer voices, together to explore advancements in cancer research and care.

The University’s presence at the forum was key, being a leader in research and education across both medical and agricultural biotechnology, with expertise including immunology, genetic engineering, microbiology, and structural biology. La Trobe’s researchers work in partnership with bioscience and medical research institutes, health providers, industry, and government to make discoveries in fundamental and translational sciences that improve diagnostics, therapeutics, and clinical outcomes in cancer research.

With inspiring presentations – including those from Dr Lisa Mielke and Prof Farshad Foroudi of La Trobe University’s Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute (ONJCRI) – to interactive workshops, the conference was an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, with a view to establish connections to advance research, practice, and outcomes for people affected by cancer.

Cancer at La Trobe

La Trobe University research institutes – including the La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS), the School of Cancer Medicine (ONJCRI), the La Trobe Institute for Sustainable Agriculture and Food (LISAF), the Baker Department of Cardiovascular Research Translation and Implementation, and the Centre for AgriBioscience (a joint venture with Agriculture Victoria) focused on medicinal agriculture – facilitate University work on cross-disciplinary projects through sharing knowledge, skills, training, and facilities. They focus on innovation and translation to support biotech organisations and the development of the local biotech sector.

Additionally, La Trobe’s digital innovation capabilities extends its support of the biotech sector through research expertise and workforce development to support the digital transformation of biotech organisations. It applies AI, machine learning and mathematical biology to areas such as disease modelling and digital pathology, to improve and personalise the discovery and development of new drugs.

La Trobe also has a proud history of co-location with industry in its facilities, supporting the growth of biotechnology and agritechnology companies from start-ups to ASX listed. Co-located industry partners include Imunexus Therapeutics, AdAlta, Aeterna Health, Solvay, and Vivazome Therapeutics.

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