Meet our Social Inquiry students

Our students learn about the complex social and cultural issues of justice, inequality and change

Ella Beverage

Ella Beveridge (pictured above) is a student in our Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Crime, Justice and Legal Studies, and Politics.

La Trobe’s Bachelor of Arts has allowed Beveridge to explore all of her interests within one degree.

“As a young person there is so much I am passionate about,” says Beveridge. “The course offers a wealth of subjects that embrace themes of culture, development, politics, social justice and humanity. I have the freedom to explore all of these areas.”

“I also love the on-campus experience at La Trobe but we had to quickly adapt to online learning during the pandemic. The University ensured students had ample support and flexibility as we transitioned to a new way of learning and our online student experience is next-to-none,” says Beveridge.

In the future Beveridge hopes to work in social justice.

“I strongly believe in the importance of progress, striving for equality, celebrating diversity and tackling prejudice. When I graduate, I plan to apply the knowledge from my studies and work in empowering social justice spaces.”

Rochelle Jupp

Rochelle Jupp is a student in our Bachelor of Law (Honours) and Bachelor of Global Studies (Human Rights major) degrees.

“I always had a passion for human rights but, when I graduated from secondary school, I was unsure of what career path to take,” says Jupp.

“I began studying La Trobe’s Bachelor of International Relations which gave me a solid understanding of the different areas of conflict around the world. I then became interested in incorporating law into my studies so I decided to embark on a double degree – I now get to explore issues with a wider lens.”

Connecting with like-minded people has been the highlight of Jupp’s student experience.

“It’s been great meeting other students who share the same vision as I do, connecting over these mutual interests, and supporting each other throughout our studies,” she says.

In the future, Jupp sees herself in civil and human rights law.

“I am particularly interested in advocating in both State and Commonwealth jurisdictions for discriminatory matters, but I would just love to get my foot in the door in any area of human rights to gain experience.”

Adriana O’Brien

Adriana O’Brien is a student in our Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) degree.

“Choosing what to study and what career path I wanted to take were difficult decisions to make at the end of Year 12. I am the first person in my family to attend university so the whole process was new and a bit daunting,” says O’Brien.

“After enquiring about studying at La Trobe, I immediately knew it was the right place for me. I was walked through the application process in such a friendly and welcoming manner, and my anxieties were put to rest.”

The opportunity to explore a range of subjects is what drew O’Brien to the Bachelor of Arts degree. “You get to try a variety of things and learn where your strengths and interests are,” she explains.

“I’m only halfway through my degree but I’m excited about what the future holds. I love the idea of following in my lecturers’ footsteps and becoming a humanities and social sciences academic. Another dream of mine would be to become an author of a nonfiction piece, and to help me achieve that, I would love to get work experience in book editing and publishing.”

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