La Trobe University working for the future of food innovation

Linking agriculture research to commercial and community health outcomes is a key focus for the university. Our experts Professor Tony Bacic, Director of La Trobe Institute for Agriculture and Food (LIAF), and Alison Angleton, Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Research and Innovation Precinct, recently sat down with Forge to discuss the diverse ecosystem supporting agriculture and the path forwards for food innovation.

La Trobe has unique approach to achieving its goal by pairing agriculture, nutrition and digital innovation, the university aims to help the world produce more food sustainably and make food more nutritious to reduce the health burden on communities. Drawing upon the universities internally renowned research strengths in agriculture, with health and wellbeing and digital transformation.

To do this it requires attracting industry and government to partner with the university, and through co-location at Research and Innovation Precinct, La Trobe is able to create a thriving ecosystem of research (tapping into our vibrant research cluster of La Trobe Institute for Agriculture and Food, ARC Research Hub for Medicinal Agriculture, Centre for AgriBiosciences and the upcoming Bio Innovation Hub at the Bundoora campus) and commercialisation partnerships that can provide value to our communities.

You can read the full story on our food innovation vision in our discussion with Forge (Vol 7 No 1).