Creating remote monitoring solutions to improve healthcare

Imagine the fear as a nurse, doctor or manager in a hospital if a patient deteriorates without your knowledge. In developing nations like India, this is often reality, where poor quality healthcare [1] compounded by shortage of skilled nurses, doctors and delays in emergency transportation cause large numbers of deaths.

These systemic issues impact the ability of care professionals to deliver high-quality care including basic monitoring of vital signs of patients, often resulting in devastating outcomes or loss of life.

To tackle these issues, Anidra, a start-up who participated in La Trobe University’s Accelerator Program in 2017, design the Anidra Remote Monitoring Solution that remotely monitors all the five vital signs in the human body: blood oxygen, temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure and heart rate. The product monitors the parameters in real-time, enabling doctors to receive alerts if they go beyond the allowed thresholds.

The founders envisioned the company to be a pioneer in building innovative remote/ isolated patient monitoring solutions with a strong emphasis on research and development and affordability. The cutting-edge wearable technology equipped with intelligent next-generation alarms is a path-breaking solution to the problem of monitoring the early signs of a patient’s deteriorating health.

Through the early support of La Trobe’s previous Accelerator Program in 2017, where participants undertook a rigorous learning program to become investment-ready through workshops, mentoring, and access seed funding all which helped them to refined their product, pricing and marketing equipping them to accelerate their growth  into the market.

By year two of business, Anidra were already delivery clinical trials, and are currently working with five major hospitals and over 700 patients across India and Sri Lanka with the technology. The team at Anidra are currently working with angel investors to work towards larger investments to support enhancing the real time artificial intelligence analytics to detect arrythmias particularly in residential aged care settings in Australia under the trading name Vitalleads.

Co-Founder Andrew Stranieri said that the La Trobe Accelerator program provided them with practical skills and knowledge to take what was just an idea into reality, and how to tackle scalability.

‘Given the precarious time with COVID19 and the increase of telehealth and remote medical treatment, we have developed a product that would support care delivery in hospitals and in the home.’ Said co-founder Dr Venki Balasubramanian

Andrew Stranieri from Andira said 'To create transformational impact and change, Anidra is seeking the support of industry partners who are dedicated to improving the lives of ours and communities’

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