Thrive Health & Wellbeing Podcast - Episode 3 with Georgia Couvalias

Are you someone who struggles to get motivated to exercise in winter? Episode 3 of the Thrive Health and Wellbeing Podcast is for you!

We are now into the depths of winter here in Australia and the frosty mornings are well and truly upon us. Not exactly conducive conditions for wanting to get up and get active that’s for sure!

So to help us find that bit of motivation to get moving this winter, we spoke to Georgia Couvalias, the Health & Fitness Coordinator for La Trobe Sport, for Episode 3 of the Thrive Health & Wellbeing Podcast.

As you will hear throughout this episode, Georgia has an extensive background in exercise science and human movement but has a great way of tailoring her message for the common person.

If you’re someone who is thinking about starting a fitness program or is looking to get back into a movement routine after a lengthy layoff, Georgia provides us with a series of simple and practical tips that can help you get moving again.

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