International student lands nursing job in Mildura

For Filipino international student, Neil Munez, choosing to study in Mildura was an easy choice.

‘I have been visiting Australia since 2017 and have brought my wife and kids along on several occasions. We love the weather, the beautiful scenery, the graciousness of Aussies and just about everything in Australia. I chose to study here because the country is so welcoming to international students,’ says Neil.

Neil has just completed his final year of the Bachelor of Nursing at La Trobe’s Campus in Mildura.  He has secured himself a position in the Graduate Nurse Program at Mildura Base Public Hospital.

‘I honestly thought it was a long shot to be accepted into the program, considering that I am not a citizen or a permanent resident.  With the kind encouragement of the Graduate Nurse Educator, I took my chances and with much willingness, dedication and a stroke of luck, I got the job I was rooting for. I could not be more grateful for those who believed in me and encouraged me to apply.’

Whilst the large majority of international students flock to study in capital cities, a growing number are choosing to study in Australian regional cities.  Neil says the environment of a close knit regional campus has huge benefits for international students.

‘I specifically chose Mildura because of its serenity and how accessible all my basic needs are.  The environment is perfect and conducive for learning.  I’ve felt welcomed and accepted at the Mildura Campus and have also been blessed with classmates who offer their help with anything.  For the two years I have studied here, I have nothing but good things to say.  Australia offers a very warm reception to international students, free of any discrimination.’

Neil has worked locally in an aged-care facility whilst studying.  And while he was thrilled to receive the good news about his Graduate Nurse position, Neil shares that being separated from his family for an extended time this year due to COVID-19, has been tough.

Mildura Campus Nursing Lecturer Sandy Connor says Neil’s approach to his studies, has been one of dedication.

‘I am not surprised that Neil has been offered a position at the Mildura Base Public Hospital. His professional attitude and willingness to learn, during his clinical placements, demonstrates that he will make an outstanding nurse. He will be an asset to both the hospital and the wider Mildura community.’

‘The real struggle through all of this has been being away from my family. My wife and I have four small children back home.  They were able to visit me last Christmas and were supposed to visit me again. I was also set to fly a few months ago but the pandemic had other plans, which has restricted us from being together.

‘These extraordinary times have been difficult for all of us, but I look forward to the day where I can finally bring them here for good.’

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