Coding Hub

A computer lab with multiple screens along the walls.

Studying with us makes a real impact

Understanding coding is an important job skill in many careers. Here at La Trobe, we have staff and tutors ready to help you develop your skills via face-to-face support. It is important to us that you feel supported and confident with your skills, equipped for success in both your degree and your career.

To view our Covid-19 online learning structure, go to the Coding Hub tile on the Learning Hub LMS page.

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A mobile phone with Python programming language floating in front of the screen

Python is a simple, yet powerful tool used with websites, scripting, Artificial Intelligence and data manipulation. There are several subjects offed by La Trobe that use Python, where you will be supported through labs and assessment to practice writing Python.


Java is the most widely used single language in industry.  It is used to write applications, both for desktop computers and for Android apps, including mobile devices and for server-side development projects. There are many other business and scientific projects that use java.


C/C++ is used widely in industry. Google search and Google Chrome have a lot of C/C++ code as well as desktop applications. We offer subjects where you will have the opportunity to understand and practice coding with the support of our staff.


A person writing DATABASE on a sheet of glass with a whiteboard marker

Business are focused on preserving data, ensuring its integrity and usability.  Programming skills for database is an essential skill in the modern world of coding.  The Coding Hub have staff with the expertise to support your learning, ensuring you have the skills you need for Database.