Proteomics Platform

The La Trobe Comprehensive Proteomics Platform (LTU-CPP) offers a suite of synergistic capabilities for the characterisation of proteins of interest to academic and industry researchers in the agricultural, health, life, molecular, pharmaceutical, population, and psychological sciences.

The specific capabilities offered by this unique platform are enabled by a multidisciplinary team of experienced researchers and professional staff with outstanding research track records.

The workflow of capabilities and expertise enables the identification and quantitation of biomolecules from complex mixtures through to protein structure determination, protein interaction analysis and small molecule structure determination. Core expertise in advanced experimental design, informatics, and data analysis underpins the main capabilities of the platform.

Further information on the four main capabilities can be found below:

Capability A - Protein Identification and Quantification

Capability B - Protein Structure Determination

Capability C - Protein Interactions Analysis

Capability D - Small Molecule Structure Determination

For further information: please visit the CPP hub by clicking here or contact us at for a discussion of your requirements.

Download the platform brochure (PDF 165KB)