Study tours bring language and culture to life

Languages and Cultures academics are leading study tours to give students a global perspective


In 2023, La Trobe students will connect with language and culture in China.

The primary destination will be Chongqing, a city of nearly 18 million located in southwestern China. Besides its rugged terrain and steep gorges, modern Chongqing is one of China’s manufacturing and economic hubs.

The proposed theme for the tour is “Clean energy in your everyday life: an observation and reflection in China and Australia”.

The intensive two-week tour will include Chinese language and culture classes, scenic tours, industrial and community visits, food tasting and presentations at Chongqing University.

“The tour will examine how Australia and China have been tapping into clean energy to combat global climate change,” says study tour leader, Dr Yangbin Chen.

“Our students will receive a first-hand understanding China’s unique culture and social landscape. It will heighten their awareness of global citizenship and boost their critical thinking and cross-cultural communication skills.”


In 2023, La Trobe students will connect with language and culture in Greece.

On this three-week study tour, students will visit several ancient and contemporary Greek sites on the mainland and the islands.

They will learn about Greece’s history, contemporary issues including the recent global financial crisis and refugee challenges, and the country’s links with Australia, particularly through war and migration.

“They will also develop a deeper understanding of the issues and debates surrounding multiculturalism and multilingualism as worldwide phenomena,” explains study tour leader, Dr Stavroula Nikoloudis. “Intercultural awareness, global citizenship and personal growth are core objectives of this offering.”

“Students will benefit from this knowledge in their personal and professional lives.”

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