Spotlights on Success: final assessment and exam prep

Boost your final assessment and exam outcomes with our short workshop series.

The end of semester one is just around the corner, and that means your final assessment deadlines are too.

We’ve lined up a series of short 30-min workshops with a spotlight on the skills and resources you need for end-of-semester success.

Join one or all the workshops you’re interested in, and ask as many questions as you need. We’re here to help!

Our Spotlights on Success workshops start on Monday 8 May. Register on CareerHub.

Sessions include:

  1. Monday 8 May – Master your Motivation
  2. Tuesday 9 May – Procrastination to Progress
  3. Wednesday 10 May – Head-start on Exams
  4. Thursday 11 May – Getting Back on Track with your Assessments
  5. Monday 15 May – Catch Common Writing Errors
  6. Tuesday 16 May – Problems with Perfectionism
  7. Wednesday 17 May – Keep to the Word Count
  8. Thursday 18 May – Tactics for Time Management
  9. Tuesday 23 May – From Stress to Success
  10. Wednesday 24 May – Top Tips for Exam Day