Meet our Mathematical and Physical Sciences students

Meet our next generation of mathematical and physical sciences experts

Pierce Bowman

Pierce Bowman (pictured above) is an Honours student in our Bachelor of Science degree majoring in mathematics and physics.

“I have always had an interest in how the universe works, how everything is made up and how it all fits together,” says Bowman. “Majoring in mathematics and physics was also a perfect fit, physics being the study of the universe and mathematics being the language that can describe it.”

When Bowman visited La Trobe for the first time, he knew it was the place for him.

“I remember walking through the beautiful Bundoora campus and meeting with one of my first lecturers. They were so passionate about their work and teaching it to other people. After that day I knew this is where I wanted to be,” he says.

Bowman, who is about to commence his Honours year, is looking forward to continuing his education journey.

“I’ve already observed some excellent research at La Trobe that has the potential to better the world and further our understanding of everything. It would be an honour to participate in this work and I hope to inspire others to pursue study in mathematics and physics.”

Michelle Owen

Michelle Owen has just completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in physics and mathematics.

“I am from the United States and graduated early from high school. At the time I really wanted to go on to study science but was too young to move out of home. A decade on, I have moved countries and become a pastry chef, but I still had a yearning for science and decided to go back to study,” says Owen.

“The support I have received from La Trobe has been wonderful, being a mature-aged student who has not studied for over a decade,” she says. “I’m also disabled, and my disability support advisor and lecturers have been phenomenal. Not only have I been given the support I needed but I was given the chance to thrive.”

Now that she has graduated, Owen hopes to continue her science studies. “My plan is to study postgraduate astrophysics and I am looking forward to seeing where this takes me in the future.”

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