Launch of open access textbook on Gender-based Violence and Healthcare in Timor-Leste

Institute for Human Security and Social Change Honorary Associates Kayli Wild and Guilhermina de Arajao have co-authored a practical guide to addressing gender-based violence in Timor-Leste.

Violence against women and children is pervasive in all societies. The resulting trauma and damage to people’s health, wellbeing and development is a central issue that healthcare providers confront on a regular basis. Too often these healthcare providers are given little guidance on how to best help victims of violence and are left to deal with these very complicated issues without adequate support.

Gender-based Violence and Healthcare in Timor-Leste is a practical guide for health professionals in Timor-Leste, an urgent issue in a country with very high rates of violence against women and children. Co-authored by Institute Honorary Associates Kayli Wild and Guilhermina de Arajao and by Katrina Langford, the book brings together evidence and best practice from the World Health Organisation and carefully adapts it to the context of Timor-Leste through research with midwives and community leaders, and the experiences of women survivors of violence.

Written in easily accessible language and available in both English and Tetum, this book exposes the root causes of violence through examining gender inequality, power and the damaging attitudes and beliefs that often lead to victim-blaming. It then provides a step-by-step guide to help health providers identify the signs and ask about violence, respond in an empowering way and support survivors on their journey to safety.

Essential reading for nursing, midwifery and medical students as well as practicing health providers, this book is also useful for policy-makers and managers as it charts a way forward for strengthening the health system response to violence against women and children in Timor-Leste.