Inspirational teachers in Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Meet our inspirational teachers and find out how they are preparing our students for the workforce

Dr Andriy Olenko

Dr Andriy Olenko (pictured above), Associate Professor of Statistics, brings his extensive knowledge and expertise to his supervision of research students.

Meaningful contributions. I have supervised projects in stochastic modelling, statistics and data science. Most of these projects involved interdisciplinary and international collaborations.

Many of my PhD students have developed new models and applied them to real data case studies such as spatial statistics, time series analysis, analysis of cosmological data, real estate price estimation and signal processing.

Real world connections. Ensuring students are shown the relevance of their learning and experience to their career development is very important. This includes involving them in the activities of professional societies and groups, and giving them the training they need to undertake a successful thesis project.

Next generation of researchers. Working with young and gifted researchers, directing their training and development, exploring new areas and ideas together, and seeing their future professional career success are the most rewarding aspects of being a research supervisor.

Dr Amanda Shaker

Dr Amanda Shaker, Senior Lecturer in Statistics, is passionate about making statistics enjoyable for all students.

The importance of statistics. I teach statistics to diverse range of students, from life sciences and health sciences, to data science and mathematics cohorts.

Statistics underpin a lot of important decision-making processes in government and industry, and can provide evidence for advances in research too. Therefore gaining statistical and quantitative skills are really important for students’ future careers.

Making statistics fun. A lot of students have a strong dislike for statistics which can be a challenge, but my job is to make statistics fun and interesting. No matter who I’m teaching, my philosophy is the same – to create a classroom environment that’s engaging and supportive so that students can enjoy learning.

Exceeding expectations. I love to see students to achieve more than they thought they could. If students finish the semester enjoying statistics, even a little bit more than they did at the beginning, that brings me the most satisfaction as a teacher.”

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