December graduates join the newest wave of La Trobe alumni

Put your hands together for La Trobe’s newest wave of alumni, who graduated from our Bundoora campus this month.

Emotions were high as more than 4500 graduates were welcomed to the La Trobe alumni community over the last week. But as our newest graduates shared their stories and valuable advice to incoming students – it's clear that the tassel was worth the hassle.

Our newest alumni have been through so much over the last few years, and we’re proud of them for persevering with their studies to achieve this important milestone. Take a moment to share in their achievements, and unique highlights like the conferral of a ‘dogtorate’, through their stories below.

Newest graduates inspire incoming students

New Master of Business Analytics graduate, Michelle, reflected on the valuable lessons she learned navigating work and study during the pandemic.

New graduate Michelle

'Starting my studies in the midst of the COVID19 lockdowns presented a unique set of challenges, especially with the added task of balancing work and life. Juggling professional responsibilities and personal commitments while navigating the uncertainties of a global pandemic required a flexible mindset.'

Michelle's guidance for incoming students revolves around a well-known quote: "this too shall pass." She emphasises that challenges are a normal part of the university experience that everyone goes through.

'Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth is key. It's normal to face hurdles, but it's equally important to remember that these moments, however tough, are temporary. Use them as stepping stones toward your goals.'

Bachelor of Business graduate Demi also took some time to share advice and some moments from her education journey with us, including through a day-in-the-life of a La Trobe graduand video. And while both her and Michelle's advice is valuable for those starting university for the first time, there's some gems in here for all of us!

Graduate Demi and family

'I’m lucky enough to graduate with some of my closest friends. Both high school friends and those I’ve had the privilege of meeting the last few years at La Trobe. You really have to make the most of it because before you know it, you’re done! The last three years have flown by.'

Demi's advice to our next generation of La Trobe alumni is simple: follow your heart.

'Whether you have plans after graduating, or you are unsure of what your next step is – let your passion drive you. I did, and I’m so looking forward to my next chapter.'

You can watch some of our other new graduates offer advice for current students below!

EmBARKing on a PhD journey together

When Dr Milly Bell decided to get her PhD, she thought that seeing-eye-dog in training Ivanhoe would make a great motivator to see her through.

Ivanhoe was a key support for Milly during her studies, and provided her with more than just companionship. So, when a medical condition ended Ivanhoe's service dog training prematurely, Milly adopted him.

Through perseverance and a whole lot of unconditional love, this week they each received a doctorate — and a dogtorate.

Congratulations Dr Bell and Dogtor Ivanhoe!

These December graduates join our growing alumni network of over 230,000 members spanning more than 100 countries, making a difference in communities across the world. Congratulations to all our new graduates and welcome to the La Trobe Alumni community.

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