Victorian Cancer Agency Fellowship

Dr Christina Nedeva from La Trobe Institute for Molecular Science (LIMS) has received an Early-Career Fellowship from the Victorian Cancer Agency (VCA) in support of her research into treatments for cancer cachexia.

Extreme weight loss and muscle deterioration, known as cachexia, is experienced by approximately two thirds of cancer sufferers. And cachexia is responsible for one third of cancer-related deaths. There are no effective treatments for cancer cachexia, yet.

A LIMS team at La Trobe University is researching the potential of repurposing an existing drug to treat cancer cachexia. Their hope is that this drug might revert the onset of cancer related cachexia.

And with the announcement that LIMS cancer researcher, Dr Christina Nedeva, is to receive an Early-Career Fellowship award from the Victorian Cancer Agency, scientists are one step closer to finding a treatment for cancer cachexia.

‘I am thrilled to receive this Fellowship,’ said Dr Nedeva. ‘It will enable me to continue my work researching treatment options for cancer cachexia, with the hope to one day prevent this devastating side effect of cancer.’

Dr Nedeva works alongside other translational cancer researchers in the Mathivanan Lab at LIMS. The Fellowship will support Dr Nedeva and her research into drug candidate options for cancer cachexia.

LIMS Director, Professor Patrick Humbert, commented, 'We are very grateful to the Victorian Cancer Agency for supporting this fantastic researcher and project. Fellowships such as these are essential to provide the stability necessary to grow the next generation of cancer researchers in Victoria.'