Meet our Management and Marketing students

Our students obtain the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they need to succeed in a dynamic business environment

Joshua Hall

Joshua Hall (pictured above) is a student in our Diploma of Elite Sport Business.

“I had tried different degrees but realised they weren’t for me,” says Hall. “It was then that I decided to follow my passion for sport and enrolled in the Diploma of Elite Sport Business – and I absolutely love it.”

Hall says the personal and professional growth he has experienced during the course has been invaluable. “I have become a better student and a better leader,” he explains.

“I have also discovered new interests that I didn’t know I had, like business and event planning.”

Hall has big plans for the future.

“I am always looking ahead and I see myself working in a scouting role for the Australian Football League. It is an area I really enjoyed during my placement. One day I hope to achieve my dream of managing an elite sporting club.”

Olivia Rickard

Olivia Rickard is a student in our Bachelor of Business, majoring in Agribusiness and Event Management.

“I had planned to spend my gap year travelling overseas after finishing school. As a result of the pandemic, I ended up spending the majority of my gap year working on my family farm in North-West Victoria.  Although I had grown up on the farm, it was not until this time that I discovered an interest in agribusiness,” explains Rickard.

Rickard has combined that interest with an additional major in event management.

“I have always loved organising celebrations and events. Pursuing it as a career felt like a natural choice,” she says.

Upon graduation, Rickard plans to build on her experience in event management. “Ultimately, I would love to work in the music festival scene. I could also one day combine my majors and manage agricultural events like field days, agricultural shows, and conferences.”

Michael Alderson

Michael Alderson is a student in our Bachelor of Business degree.

“I’ve been working for the same organisation since 2010. Over the years, I learned a lot about how businesses operate, and worked at developing my knowledge and skills so I that could make a valuable contribution. Team members could rely on me for guidance and support which gave me a great sense of pride,” says Alderson.

This experience, says Alderson, uncovered his passion for people. “I realised I wanted to help people to succeed and, by consequence, help businesses succeed too.”

“My goal is to lead a large-scale human resources team to develop the next generation of workers and help them thrive in changing work environments. I believe that providing a safe and supportive workplace, using strong human resources systems, is the key to business success,” he explains.

To help Alderson achieve this goal, studying at La Trobe was a natural choice.

"What La Trobe has to offer is most aligned with my morals and goals. The highlight so far has been learning with like-minded people, and sharing our different ideas and views on what it takes to create a successful business.”

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