La Trobe Rural Health School researchers seek volunteer participants for e-bike study

Researchers at La Trobe University are seeking volunteer research participants to be involved in a study about e-bikes as a feasible method to improve human health and function in sedentary adults.

You May Qualify if You

  • Are an adult (18-60 years of age) without any injuries or disease that may affect your ability to ride an e-bike and have prior experience riding a bicycle. You should be completing less than 70-min of vigorous exercise or 150-min of moderate intensity exercise per week.

Participation involves

If you decide to take part in the research, you would be asked to:

  • Attend to 1-2 sessions at the Bendigo Sports Centre in the Flora Hill campus of La Trobe University.
  • You will perform a range of physical tests, health screening checks and assessment of your body composition.
  • You will also perform a 10-min trial with an e-bike and may be provided one bike to use for 4 weeks (optional).

Your decision to participate in research is voluntary.

Reimbursement for participation

There are no additional costs associated with participation in this research study, nor will you or the participant be paid.

For More Information

If you would like more information or are interested in being part of the study, please contact:


Dr. Rodrigo Rico Bini


Rural health School, La Trobe University



03 5444 7466

Ethics Approval Number