Join La Trobe Sport’s fight against the beast of MND

In a fight against the harrowing Motor Neurone Disease (MND), La Trobe Sport is delighted to announce that it will be hosting its very own La Trobe University Fight MND Big Freeze fundraising event at the Semester 2 Orientation Welcome Festival.

The ‘Big Freeze’ is a renowned event in Melbourne, where the donations received aid families with treatments and research into finding a cure for MND.

On Tuesday 12 July from 1pm-2pm at the Indoor Sports Centre (Melbourne Campus), La Trobe Sport will be hosting its very own ‘Big Freeze’ event and will be inviting students and staff from within the La Trobe community to take the plunge into an ice bath to raise awareness and funds towards this great cause.

We have now confirmed 11 members of the La Trobe University community who are committing to taking the plunge, with more plungers to be announced over the coming days leading up to the La Trobe University Big Freeze.

Click here to view the 2022 La Trobe University Big Freeze Plungers

MND is a condition that affects the brain and nerves. The horrible and debilitating disease gradually takes away the patient’s use of their arms and legs, their ability to eat and swallow, their speech and ultimately their ability to breathe, all in an average timeframe of just 27 months.

This disease has taken many lives, including a family member of La Trobe Sport staff member, Sarah Pavano, who is the main driver and one of the first five plungers announced for the La Trobe University Big Freeze.

Pavano said she was looking to rally the La Trobe University community to raise funds for the Fight MND Foundation to aid families and help with treatments and ultimately a cure for this harrowing disease.

“MND has affected the life of someone close to me that was a beacon of energy, laughter, and absolute love for his family and friends,” Pavano said.

“It is with his story and legacy shared by his family that keeps him alive and possesses the need to find a cure and raise awareness for MND.

“Being a member of the La Trobe community and seeing the possibilities and support that they can provide allows me to believe that we can create a legacy here and create an opportunity to help those in need.”

La Trobe researcher Professor Coral Warr, who is conducting research funded by philanthropic donors into the causes of MND with the hope of identifying future treatments, urged the La Trobe community to pledge their support of the event.

“There are currently no cures nor effective treatments for MND,” Professor Warr said.

“With rates of government funding for medical research at record lows, I can’t over emphasise how important community fundraising has been for MND research.”

If you would like to nominate someone from your team, department or class to take part in the La Trobe University Big Freeze, or even take part in the event yourself, simply complete the event registration form, make sure to include your MND story (if you have one) and pledge to the event.

Stay tuned to the La Trobe Sport website and the Facebook event page for more details in the lead up to the event, including our next round of nominated plungers to be announced.

Want to support our plungers and join the fight to end the beast that is MND? Donate to the La Trobe University Big Freeze fundraising campaign.

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