Community focus

Meet Emilia Sterjova, a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Global Studies and a Diploma in Languages (Indonesian) student

Emilia Sterjova is in her final semester of a Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Global Studies and a Diploma in Languages (Indonesian).

Sterjova’s passion for her community led her to becoming the youngest female Mayor in Australian history at the age of 22 in 2019.

This year, she was ranked in the top 100 Australian Future Leaders as published in The Australian Financial Review.

Sterjova’s language studies have taken her overseas where she placed 10th in the world in the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Championship of Public Speaking.

“I have undertaken a variety of placements already. My placements include the Whittlesea Wills and Wishes Clinic and JobWatch, an employment legal centre, where I help vulnerable people in the community,” says Sterjova. “I will continue to volunteer at both community organisations.”

“I also undertook a self-sourced placement at a corporate firm which provided me with valuable industry knowledge.”

Sterjova plans to become a lawyer and, later, hopes to undertake postgraduate study. “I know that with whatever career I pursue, my university degrees will serve as a solid foundation for my future ambitions,” she says.

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