Thrive Health & Wellbeing Podcast - Episode 7 with Haresh Suppiah

In the seventh episode of this series, we chat to Dr Haresh Suppiah, a Research Fellow in Sport and Exercise Science at La Trobe University, on the topic of sleep and how our sleeping habits can affect our daily performance and functionality.

Now we’ve had a number of people and La Trobe researchers and academics who have come on to this pod covering a variety of topics, whether that be injury prevention, nutrition, getting motivated to exercise and the like., but the one thing in common they have all spoken about is the importance of sleep, particularly in the context of an athlete’s performance or even just how an active person functions as a result of their sleeping habits.

Haresh provides us with some valuable tips and suggestions on how you can best set yourself for a good night’s sleep - whether that be for athletes or just the regular person that works a 9-5 job.


This is the final Thrive Health & Wellbeing Podcast episode for 2021. It has been an absolute pleasure bringing you the unique insights, views and expert advice from La Trobe University’s fine array of researchers, academics and industry professionals across the sport, health and wellness space. Thank you for your listenership, and we hope to see you back again in 2022.

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