Thrive Health & Wellbeing Podcast - Episode 2 with Dr. Eric Morris

Have you ever wanted to learn more about mindfulness but have never been sure where and how to start? Check out the second episode of the Thrive Health and Wellbeing Podcast with Dr. Eric Morris.

This month at La Trobe University is Mindfulness in May; an initiative run by the La Trobe Health & Wellbeing team to promote the quality of mindfulness.

Across all of La Trobe’s Campuses this month, the La Trobe Health & Wellbeing Team will be providing staff and students with a variety of resources and workshops dedicated to cultivating mindfulness.

For the second episode of the Thrive Health & Wellbeing Podcast, we chatted to Dr. Eric Morris - Senior Lecturer and the Psychology Clinic Director in the School of Psychology & Public Health at La Trobe University.

Eric is an expert in the topic of mindfulness, and it was wonderful to hear from him and learn about some of benefits of mindfulness and how we can incorporate it within our daily lives. Click here to visit Eric's website or you can also check him out on Twitter.

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