Supporting Open Access publishing: Knowledge Unlatched ebook initiative

It's Open Access Week! How does the Library support Open Access publishing? In many ways, but one is through the Knowledge Unlatched ebook initiative.

For over 7 years, the Library has supported the global Knowledge Unlatched ebook initiative. Each year, libraries globally pledge funds to support the Open Access publishing of select ebook collections and publisher programs. To date, this initiative has supported the open availability of more than 2,700 scholarly ebooks to the global community.

Our pledge includes supporting the ongoing maintenance of the Open Research Library interface, which provides a discovery portal for the Open Access titles published via the Knowledge Unlatched programs.

The library has also supported Latest Thinking via Knowledge Unlatched. This platform publishes research as Open Access videos with the aim of achieving wider reach, ranging from the broader scientific community to policy makers and the general public, and impact for academics' research outcomes. These videos also make an excellent teaching tool for explaining academic concepts in a visual form.