Focus on Alyce Mayfosh

For Dr Alyce Mayfosh it’s not enough to simply know the Periodic Table of Elements, she can rap them! Thanks to her La Trobe University degrees – Bachelor of Biological Science through to Honours and a PhD, Alyce has the table of elements covered, from Hydrogen to Oganesson.

Alyce began her journey at La Trobe in 2010, studying a Bachelor of Biological Science. Last year she completed her PhD in cancer immunology, working with Professor Mark Hulett.

With her skills in cancer research, Alyce was able to secure a post-doctoral appointment at LIMS, with the Hulett Lab and Wintermute Biomedical, one of La Trobe’s partners at The University City of the Future.

But her dedication to research doesn’t end there. Alyce is also the communications officer with the LIMS Fellows Society, which aims to foster support, communication and career development for senior PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.

‘The transition from student to scientist is a huge leap,' remarks Alyce. 'The LIMS Fellows Society helps bridge that gap by offering a place to network, share ideas and continue to develop the skills needed to succeed in research.’

It’s clear that Alyce has found her niche at La Trobe. When asked what she likes most about studying and working at LIMS, Alyce says, ‘I love the people and the culture. It’s such a collaborative and supportive environment. Even across the different labs, everyone is happy to share equipment, findings, protocols, resources and give feedback.’

And having Alyce in the lab each day keeps things interesting for her colleagues, she’s known to break into a rap or verse. More recently Alyce's Twitter followers have been treated to a series of videos where she raps the Periodic Table of Elements.

With over a decade spent at La Trobe, Dr Mayfosh has many fond memories but graduating in 2020 with a PhD has been her favourite moment thus far.

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