Running relays and reaping the rewards with Team La Trobe

Committed to staying the course through regular running when it came to her weight-loss journey, La Trobe University staff member Alison Parris is an advocate for staying active.

An enthusiastic participant in the recent Team La Trobe Campus to Campus Challenge, it has been a long yet rewarding health and fitness campaign for Alison, who says she has struggled to lose weight since her teenage years.

After years of trying to lose weight and maintain an active lifestyle, Parris was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at the age of 39. Insistent on not letting the diagnosis get her down, Alison decided to ramp up her exercising and joined a weight loss and healthy eating program.

A gastric sleeve procedure was to follow, and combined with all the hard work as part of her exercising regime, the results started to show for themselves. Alison is proudly celebrating her fifth year of being in remission from Type 2 Diabetes and has lost 45kgs to date.

Alison credits her involvement in running, and events like the Team La Trobe Walk and Run challenges in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

With one of Alison’s highlights of the recent Campus to Campus challenge finishing on the stage leader board, Alison said it was an easy decision to incorporate the event into her daily routine.

“I wanted to get involved to keep myself active and accountable during the pandemic,” Alison said.

“It is something I knew that I could incorporate into my day and would keep me accountable for keeping up with my exercise during the pandemic.”

Alison hopes that her achievements in the challenge will help others to find the motivation to get out and be active. She believes that anyone can find the time to get out and about, you just need to find ways to do so.

“I hear a lot of people say they can’t find the time to go for a walk,” Alison said.

“My diabetes educator recommends you walk for 30 mins, five times a week. I believe that is achievable.

“You don’t even have to do it all at once. You could walk out of our front door, walk for five minutes, turn around and go home and repeat three times a day.”

In conjunction with the fitness benefits, Alison said it was equally important to her to obtain a sense of connection whilst in isolation – something she was able to achieve as part of Team La Trobe.

“[The challenges are] keeping us all connected during this difficult time,” Alison said.

“I definitely feel part of the wider La Trobe community and it’s brought out a competitive side of me I didn’t know I had.”

“I am missing my running community right now, so be connected to other runners and walkers via this virtual event is good for my soul.”

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