Meet the La Trobe Business alumni creating international strategies for a multinational motor-vehicle giant

Meet Farhan Reza, the La Trobe Business School alumnus that is using what he learned in the Master of Business Information Management and Systems to create international sales strategies for one of the world’s largest motor-vehicle companies.

Image: Farhan Reza (second from left) with his colleagues at Toyota

Farhan Reza joined La Trobe in 2015 after completing a Bachelor of Engineering in his home country, Bangladesh. He wanted to learn about data, so began a Master of Engineering Management.

After completing the first four core subjects, Farhan discovered another way to learn about data besides science - the Master of Business Information Management and Systems (MBIMS). Farhan moved across courses, and with core subjects aligned in both courses, gained credit toward the MBIMS.

The Master of Business Information Management and Systems is one of La Trobe’s highly industry-engaged courses, with the integration of entrepreneurship, information systems and business intelligence throughout the course. MBIMS students learn how information systems are effectively designed, planned, analysed and managed in business contexts and are trained to use intelligent data-mining technologies.

During the course of his studies, Farhan found mentorship with Associate Professor Mei-Tai (Debbie) Chu. As the program director of MBIMS, Associate Professor Chu gave Farhan guidance in both his academic and industry endeavours.

“Debbie taught me how interviews and corporate spaces work,” said Farhan.

As an alumnus of the MBIMS, the mentoring drove Farhan into ‘career-ready-mode’ and he became a tutor in the MBIMS program. As one of four tutors managing a subject of up to 300 students, Farhan learned skills that would further encourage him to be an active member in any organisation he joined.

“What I learned in the Master of Business Information Management and Systems I got to implement in through tutoring, which ultimately gave me the confidence to step into the work force,” said Farhan.

“Engagement while at La Trobe helped a lot – it was a driver to help me apply for [my current] role,” he continued.

At the end of the University calendar year, Farhan decided it was time to implement his learned and practical skills into the workforce outside of La Trobe. He applied for a Graduate Business Analyst role and secured a three-month contract as a Strategy Service Coordinator at motor-vehicle giant, Toyota. As his contract was meant to conclude, Farhan was offered a permanent position in Toyota Australia’s strategy team.

“My role is to support the implementation of system, processes and system enhancements and to maintain the SAP master data for fleet and incentive payments in order to support the National Sales Team achieve their objective,” said Farhan.

Farhan’s dedication to his work and building connections between the job market and study has resulted in a career path many aspire to achieve.

“From what I have seen as a student and tutor, students can be disengaged if they don’t see the connection between study and industry. Doing projects that connect students to the job market gives students an engagement in industry - I know that’s what La Trobe is doing now” he added.

In the future, Farhan hopes to go in to “a more SAP-focussed role” and build connections with Toyota’s business divisions globally including in Thailand and Japan.

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