Team heads to the Philippines to help save lives

Two years on from the tragic drownings of three little girls, a team of swim instructors are on a mission to ensure no more young lives are lost.

Donna Burnett, who works as a Research Centre Manager at La Trobe University is raising funds to support the LLP Project which will teach water safety/swimming lessons to 180 children in a remote village in rural Philippines.  Donna is also a swimming instructor and will be joining a team of seven other instructors eager to support Michelle Michael with her LLP Project

The charity was formed after three young girls from the same family drowned in a tragic, yet preventable, accident late 2017.  The girls were bringing in the fishing nets near their home on Lake Marugo in Tapaz when the youngest, Princess, 8, slipped into water.  Her older sisters Leah, 12, and Lycil, 14, jumped in to help her, but sadly all three drowned.

Having no swimming skills at all, they didn't even know how to kick their legs to get to the surface.  Their village, Tapaz, does not have the financial means nor the skill level to provide swimming or water safety lessons.  The parents do not know how to swim, so cannot teach the children, hence the LLP Project was formed as a legacy to Lea, Lycil and Princess by their aunt in Australia, Michelle Michael.  More than 3000 people drown in the Philippines each year.

Michelle has selected a team of eight instructors to travel to the Philippines on the 28th June 2019 to teach the children how to float and survive in the water, as well as educate the parents and teachers so that they can continue to instruct the children.  Others joining the team include Paralympian and Order of Australia recipient Sam Bramham and Special Olympian Alannah McKeown.

The project team is calling for donations of swimming equipment and financial help to ensure the program is a success.

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