Comprehensive Health Assessment of the Older Person

Client: Department of Health Victoria

Centre: ACEBAC

Start year: 2012
End year: 2013

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A previous project Strengthening Care Outcomes for Residents with Evidence (SCORE) funded by the Victorian Department of Health (Aged Care Branch) identified the need for public sector residential aged care services (PSRACS) staff to enhance their knowledge and skills in comprehensive health assessment (CHA) of the older person. The overall aim of this project was to address that gap and provide CHA of the older person knowledge and skills training to the PSRACS workforce, specifically the professional health workforce in rural locations. The learning resources developed included: a comprehensive education and training folder comprising eight modules, namely 1. Clinical reasoning and general assessment, 2. Communication of assessment findings and ethical, legal and professional ramifications, 3. Psychosocial assessment, 4. Nutrition, metabolism and elimination, 5. Assessment of the cardiovascular system, 6. Respiratory assessment, 7. Musculoskeletal assessment and 8. Assessment of cognition and perception; pre and post workshop activities; simulation mannequins and other assessment equipment; and licences for participants to use the Jarvis Physical Examination and Health Assessment DVD. The training delivered was interactive and included both the learning of assessment skills and the related theory in comprehensive health assessment. ACEBAC staff and experienced nurse educators delivered the training.