Uni safety services for international students

The University has a number of initiatives in place to protect your safety. We suggest you do your research and be aware of the support services and emergency guidelines, so you are prepared for events which may impact on your safety.

Campus safety

If you feel concerned about your safety when it is dark, Security staff can escort you after hours to your car, on-campus accommodation, bus or tram stop. Request the Uni-Safe Service on (03) 9479 2222.

If you are a Melbourne (Bundoora) campus student, you can also access our free campus bus service. The La Trobe Glider bus service is available to students, staff and the wider community.

The service operates Monday to Friday during the semester from 8:30am to 1:25pm, and 2:10pm to 5.30pm (excluding University-wide holidays). The service also operates from 6pm (non-daylight savings) or 7pm (daylight savings) until 6am, all year round including weekends (excluding University-wide holidays). See the La Trobe Glider bus service website for more detail and information on pick-up and drop-off locations.

If you have concerns about your safety, or indeed the safety of others, please help us by reporting those incidents and concerns to the Security and Safety Operations Centre, which is operational 24/7, 365 days, on 9479 2012, or 1800 800 613.  

For emergencies where there is immediate danger and police, fire or ambulance is required:

  1. Call 000
  2. Call University Security on ext 2222 or 9479 2222 from an outside line (24 hour response).

Here are some tips to stay safe:

  • Be aware of walking alone at night – travel with a friend if you can and stay in lit areas
  • Do not flaunt your money or expensive possessions in public – iPad, laptop, new phone etc
  • Take driving lessons to drive on Australian roads – be careful!
  • Always wear a seatbelt in a car, helmet on a bicycle
  • Be careful at train crossings – look and listen for the trains approaching. Remove your headphones.
  • Be aware of scams targeting students – if it seems too good to be true it probably is a scam.

Important: the emergency phone number in Australia for police, fire and ambulance is ‘000’.

A special after-hours telephone hotline has been set up for international students at La Trobe University at all La Trobe campuses. Call 1800 758 360 if you need help at night or on the weekend. Also see our Support services, Current International students webpage for more information.

Public Transport Safety

Here are a few tips for public transport safety:

  • Check schedules
  • Travel with a friend
  • Protective Services Officers patrol trains from 6 pm to the last scheduled service every night

More information is on the Public Transport Victoria website.

There is also a range of safety information available on the Victoria Police website.  This material is available in different languages.

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