Fast-track your degree with Summer School

Why not use part of your summer break to get ahead in your studies?

Enrolment for Summer 2022/2023 is open until Sunday 27 November 2022.

You can use Summer School to:

  • make up for a subject that you failed (where offered)
  • complete a subject that you may have dropped previously (where offered)
  • finish university and start a career sooner
  • spread out the workload to a more convenient time
  • free up more time for working during the standard semester
  • study a subject that could be an elective in your course.


Teaching periodDates
Summer (12 weeks)14 November 2022 – 10 February 2023
Term 6 (6 weeks)31 October 2022 – 9 December 2022
Term 1 (6 weeks) 9 January 2023 – 17 February 2023

Check the Handbook to see which subjects are available during the Summer teaching period.

When using the Handbook search, select from the teaching period filter. Refer to the dates above to confirm the teaching periods in Summer.

Please note you will need to complete two different searches to see all Summer subjects (i.e. one for subjects starting in 2022 and one for subjects starting in 2023).

Always double-check the Subject Search Database to ensure that your chosen Summer subject is running. Subject instances may change at any time, without warning.