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Fast-track your degree with Summer School

Why not use part of your summer break to get ahead in your studies?

2020/2021 Summer enrolment will open Wednesday 14 October.

You can use Summer School to:

  • make up for a subject that you failed (where offered)
  • complete a subject that you may have dropped previously (where offered)
  • finish university and start a career sooner
  • spread out workload to a more convenient time
  • free up more time for working during the standard semester
  • study a subject that could be an elective in your course.


Teaching periodDates
Summer (12 weeks) (formerly Summer 1)2 November 2020  – 12 February 2021
Term 6 (6 weeks)2 November 2020 – 11 December 2020
Summer 6 (3 weeks)7 December 2020 – 29 January 2021
Summer 8 (8 weeks)7 December 2020 – 12 February 2021
Term 1 (6 weeks) (formerly Summer 2)4 January 2021 – 12 February 2021

Finding Summer subjects

Find the full list of Summer subjects here.

Please note: Always double check the Subject Search Database to ensure that your chosen Summer subject is running. Subjects instances may change at any time, without warning.