Electric vehicle chargers now available at Bendigo

We’ve installed 22 electric vehicle (EV) chargers on our Bendigo campus as part of our Net Zero journey.

12 EV chargers are available for staff, students, visitors and the general public to use, along with 10 chargers for our passenger fleet vehicles which we’re currently transitioning to all electric.

We’re making the switch to electric vehicles across our campuses, replacing our entire fleet throughout 2023. We’ll eliminate 200,000 kilograms of CO2 each year once we’ve transitioned to a fully electric fleet.

Charging stations are ready to use at the Bundoora and Bendigo campuses now and are expected to be available at Albury-Wodonga campus in the coming weeks.

We’ll be installing chargers at our Mildura and Shepparton campuses in 2024, in line with our work programs.

How it works

Public EV charging bays can be found in Bendigo Car Park 1 and Car Park 7A, and fleet EV chargers in Car Park 10.

The fast chargers are reserved for fleet vehicles only to enable intercampus travel. The public charging bays are equipped with level 2 chargers that provide around 40km of charge per hour and take roughly 2-5 hours to fully charge a vehicle. The chargers are free to use, you just need to ensure you’ve paid for parking and brought your own cable to plug in.

Learn more about EV Chargers on Transport Central.

Please note: Parking in the EV charging bays is limited to a maximum of four hours. A parking infringement may be issued if you overstay. If you need to park longer, you’ll need to move to a regular bay and ensure you have a valid ticket.