Meet Safer Community at La Trobe

Safer Community is a La Trobe support service designed to protect your safety and wellbeing.

The free and confidential service supports students who experience or witness concerning, threatening, inappropriate or uncomfortable behaviour.

Safer Community is about creating a safer campus environment for all students and staff in the La Trobe community.

What can I report or disclose to Safer Community?

You can report or disclose anything that relates to unacceptable or concerning behaviour – whether you experience it, witness it, or hear about it. This can include a range of issues, big or little. Examples include bullying, harassment, aggression, violence (including family/domestic violence), discrimination, stalking or threats and sexual harm.

If you’re a student you can contact us about things you’re concerned about in your personal life, not just things you experience in your university life. This can be both on and off campus.

What will Safer Community do?

Safer Community will listen, believe, and support you, discuss options for your support and safety, and assist you in determining a course of action which is right for you. We provide expert advice and information, will offer you options and referrals to help resolve your concerns and keep yourself and others safe. Most importantly, we are guided by you and how you want to proceed.

What is the difference between reporting and disclosing something?

If you or another student has experienced or witnessed something either on or off-campus, you can disclose or report to Safer Community


Disclosing is where an individual tells someone else that they have been the victim of or witness to an incident, to receive resources and support. You can disclose an incident to Safer Community. We can listen and provide support if that’s all you want or need.


Formally reporting is where a student or staff member provides a formal account or statement about the incident to the University. As a result, an internal investigation may commence determining if the conduct constitutes a breach of any relevant instruments, including the General Misconduct Statute 2009 (students). You can also make an anonymous report to Safer Community, however, it may limit our ability to respond, because we cannot contact you for further information.

If you choose to disclose or formally report any incident of sexual harm to Safer Community, the University may have to investigate the incident to comply with its legal obligations. An example of this is if the University believes that there is a serious risk to others, and the University needs to take appropriate action to ensure the safety of the community is upheld. If this happens, you have the right to choose whether you wish to participate in the investigation; you will be kept informed about what is happening, and we will support you throughout the process.

So, have confidence: at La Trobe, we’ve got your back.

Contact Safer Community

Telephone: 03 9479 8988



Submit the online reporting form here. You have the option of remaining anonymous.