Student Takeover: 6 top tips for the best start at La Trobe 

We are stepping into a new semester where the possibilities are endless and success awaits! In this week’s student takeover, we’re helping you start your semester on a successful note.

First Things First:

  • Attending campus tours and events: Campus events are a fantastic opportunity to build lasting friendships, which will enhance your overall uni experience.
  • Explore university systems: Firstly, get connected to LaTrobe’s WiFi. Use StudentOnline to enroll in subjects and access the Learning Management System (LMS) for a better understanding of your course. After enrollment, use Allocate+ to access your personalised timetable.
  • Order your Student ID card: You will need your ID card to access campus services and in exams. Order your Student ID online and collect it from your campus.
  • Use campus maps: Use campus maps to find your way around. Check Allocate+ to find out class locations.
  • Join a club: Clubs and societies are an integral part of university students. At La Trobe we have various student associations and clubs for you to take part in.
  • Connect with MyLaTrobe: Stay connected with MyLaTrobe for all the important student updates! Check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

We are here to support you through your journey with La Trobe. Our passionate team of social media interns, Pasindu, Meganne, and Nicole will be keeping you up to date with exciting news about student life.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on campus!