When will results be released and where can I find them?

That time of year is almost here again! Semester 2 results will be released by the end of the day on Thursday 25 November, 2021.

Where to find your results

Once your results are released, we’ll send an email to your student email address to let you know they’re ready. You can then see them in the ‘results’ tab in StudentOnLine.

If the results tab is missing then your results are still being processed, so check back again later to see if they have been released. There’s no need for you to contact ASK La Trobe or Student IT Support, it will appear once your results are available.

Note that your results may be amended after initial release, especially in the case of withheld or missing results.

If you’re waiting for results from a different study period, check our results release page or academic calendar for dates.

Understanding your grades

Sometimes your grades may appear a little confusing, so we put together this resource to help you understand your grades. Find out what the letter grades or percentages mean on your coursework, and understand what common administrative codes mean.

One important addition to your grade codes for 2021 is the ‘V’ grade. If you unsuccessfully attempt a subject during the COVID-19 pandemic (i.e. you enrolled in a subject and fail due to your grades) a fail result will not be recorded on your transcript and your course Weighted Average Mark (WAM) will not be affected.

Things to do before Semester 1

If you’re continuing studies in 2022, now’s a good time to check that you’re correctly enrolled!

What to do if things don’t go as planned with your results

Let’s be real, things don’t always go as planned. You might not get the results you wanted on your assignment, and that can be disappointing.

If this is you, take some time to put together a plan to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Here are our top strategies for how to handle failure or disappointment at results time.

If you failed a subject, here are the steps you need to take to get back on track. It’s important to remember that if you unsuccessfully attempt a subject, a traditional fail result will not be recorded on your transcript and your course Weighted Average Mark (WAM) will not be affected. Instead of a traditional fail grade, you will receive a ‘V grade – No result recorded due to extenuating circumstances’ for the subject on your transcript.

If the subject is a pre-requisite for another subject, you will still need to pass it before being able to progress to the follow-on subject (i.e. you will need to repeat it if you do not pass).

If it’s an elective, you might choose to complete the same subject again or another subject worth the same amount of credit points.  

If you believe your results are incorrect you may request a review of your marks. Requests must be made within 10 working days of results publication. Find out more about remarking here.

To help you achieve your best, both academically and personally, La Trobe has a number of support services available, like:  

Calculate your WAM

La Trobe uses a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) calculation instead of a Grade Point Average (GPA). A WAM is an average mark that takes into account the credit point value of the subjects that you have completed. Learn how to calculate your WAM here.

Have questions or need help?

If you need help or assistance with any matter, please visit ASK La Trobe FAQs or speak to your subject coordinator or course coordinator.