Seek and you shall find

Meet Vi Nguyen, a 3rd-year Health Information Management student at La Trobe’s Melbourne (Bundoora) Campus. Vi recently had the honor of being the student speaker at the Melbourne (Bundoora) Campus’ O-Week Official Welcome Ceremony, where he shared his inspirational and encouraging words with our first-year students.

Vi painted a vivid picture of his own journey at La Trobe; from interacting with academics to enjoying a free barbeque at the Agora or participating in clubs and events, something incredible was always around the corner.

At the core of Vi’s message was the motto, “Whoever seeks shall find,” encouraging us to embrace the spirit of ‘seeking’.

“It’s not just a catchy phrase, but a philosophy that shaped my student experience. As you start your journey here, I encourage you to embrace that spirit of ‘seeking’.”

Vi took his motto to heart when he continued to seek unique experiences and adventures. He joined academics and fellow students travelling to Adelaide, Sydney, and Brisbane at industry conferences, opening doors to meeting people of shared values.

Here’s an excerpt of Vi’s moving speech:

Sometimes, you may feel overwhelmed by the transition to university and juggling family, so what do you do? SEEK! Seek, and you will find academic support. Support may be in extensions, a learning access plan, or even a low-stimulus room to study in.   

Sometimes, you may feel yucky, lacking motivation to study or even get out of bed, so what do you do? SEEK! Seek, and you will find medical and well-being services such as counselling or chaplaincy online and at our international gardens.   

Sometimes, you may feel alone, asking yourself, am I the only one going through this? – you will find that you are not alone. Join an interest or sports club, form a study group, or join these incredible people wearing red La Trobe Leader shirts and create a real impact. Once again, what do you do? SEEK!

As you embark on your academic journey, we hope Vi’s words will serve as a guide. We encourage you to embrace the spirit of seeking and stay true to your authentic self.