Spaces for everyone

La Trobe is committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for our student body through the creation of safe spaces and increased accessibility across our campuses.

Safe spaces for everyone play a crucial role in supporting the wellbeing and academic success of students.

Maps are available for specific access requirements including for physical access and mobility and disabled toilet access for each campus. You can view them by visiting the Getting around La Trobe website, clicking on the relevant campus and scrolling down to ‘Maps for People with Disabilities’.

Your School or area of study may also have study spaces in buildings across campus near where you commonly have classes. Make sure to explore your campus to find your new favourite spot!

Whether you’re hitting the books, kicking back with friends or taking a moment for yourself, La Trobe’s safe spaces have got you covered. It’s all about creating an inclusive and friendly campus where every student feels they belong.

We’ve compiled a list of locations across our campuses:

Children and breastfeeding/chestfeeding

Children on campus: You may have an occasional need to bring your child onto campus. If this is the case, make sure you follow the Children on Campus section of La Trobe’s Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy.

Breastfeeding/chestfeeding: Each of our campuses have breastfeeding/chestfeeding-friendly rooms to support parents in their return to work and study. Our rooms are fully equipped for this purpose, including lockable door and private space, comfortable chair/bed, table within reach, power points and nearby kitchen/sink and fridge.

Location: Various locations across each campus

Women’s safe place

Women’s space: Here you’ll find information and support about services that provide support to women. We have also partnered with Share the Dignity to ensure that all products specific to women’s hygiene (including tampons and pads) will be available at no cost for women in need.

Location: Melbourne (Bundoora) campus, Humanities 3, Room 105

Religious spaces / Multi-faith

Multifaith prayer room: La Trobe recognises the importance of accommodating students’ spiritual needs. The multifaith prayer rooms offer a quiet place for reflection and caters for all faiths.


  • Albury Wodonga: AW4, room 4250
  • Bendigo: opposite the Student Support Area in the SSC Building

Muslim prayer room:

  • The Muslim Prayer Room at the Bendigo campus is opposite the Student Support Area (Building: SSC), next door to the multifaith prayer room. It is accessible 24/7 (after-hours access is via Campus Security).
  • The Melbourne (Bundoora) campus has separate prayer rooms and ablution facilities for men and women, located in the Education 2 Building. Congregational prayers are conducted on Friday at lunchtime. To gain access to the prayer room, email with your student ID number, card access number (on the back of your student ID card) and access required (male/female room).

The chapel:

The chapel provides space for reflection, prayer, and retreat, or bible study. The lounge is a place where you can sit and read, catch up with friends, and meet new people, or simply just chill out. It also has access to a small kitchen with tea and coffee-making facilities and a microwave for heating food.

Location: Melbourne (Bundoora) campus, Humanities 3, Room 471.


Oasis Lounge: With comfy seating and a laid-back atmosphere, Oasis Lounge is the perfect place to meet new friends, have a chill study session or just take it easy.

Location: Melbourne (Bundoora) campus, Level 2, Agora East (open 8am – 8pm, Monday – Friday).

Indigenous Student Spaces

Indigenous Student Service Units and/or staff are based at all La Trobe Victorian campuses. The spaces at each campus vary. Indigenous students are encouraged to use their campus space, the facilities vary at each campus, but may include tea and coffee making facilities, microwave and fridge, study stations with computer access. These spaces are both study spaces, and a great place to relax for Indigenous students.


  • Albury-Wodonga: Woddha Gki-Lya Indigenous Education Unit, Room 136, Building 6
  • Bendigo: Jimbeyer Boondjhil Indigenous Unit, Ground floor, Student Services Centre
  • Melbourne (Bundoora): Ngarn-gi Bagora Indigenous Centre, Office 202, Level 2, Agora East Building
  • Mildura: Indigenous Student Services Officer, Dulka Yappata building
  • Shepparton: Ngarrapna Indigenous Education Unit, Room 222, 210 Fryers Street

Neurodiversity Sensory Room

La Trobe’s Neurodiversity Project aims to improve equity, accessibility, and inclusion for Neurodivergent and/or Neurominority staff and students. The La Trobe University Neurodiversity Networks (‘LTUNN’) are an initiative run by the Neurodiversity Project.

Registry to this group allows access to events, sensory room, mailing lists and online community for La Trobe students who identify as neurodivergent/neurominorities (Autistic, ADHD, dyslexia, etc).

For more information about the Neurodiversity Project or how to register, please contact

Health and wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing Centre: Our Health and Wellbeing Centre can provide you with a safe space to receive information. You can also speak to one of our Student Health and Wellbeing Liaison Officers on a range of health and wellbeing matters.

Location: Melbourne (Bundoora) campus, Peribolos East Ground Floor (PE101), Monday to Friday, 10 am– 4 pm

Sporting facilities: Whether you’re in Bendigo or Bundoora, we have indoor and outdoor gym facilities at your disposal, as well as an indoor pool (Bundoora)!

Zen Den: The ‘Zen Den’ at our Melbourne (Bundoora) campus is a contemporary, beautiful, purpose-built mind and body studio that is a friendly and accessible space available to everyone. Join Mindfulness Yoga, Vinyasa Flow or Vinyasa Slow Flow to enhance your posture and breathing techniques. Move consciously and build strength and flexibility of the mind and body.