Academic support: who to ask and where to go for help

There comes a time when we all need some help.

Here at La Trobe there is a range of ongoing, flexible and comprehensive support available to you.

Together with our Student Advising team, we’ve gathered a list of some of the academic supports that you can use to make your time at La Trobe much easier.

Services are available through a range of methods – on campus and online.

Just remember, if you’re ever stuck, or have a burning question there is always someone to contact. Whether you are speaking with an academic staff member or one of La Trobe’s services, make sure to explore the options that are available to you to help you succeed. The staff at La Trobe are always willing to help and provide the best support possible.

1. Learning Support

Library Learning Services can help you to develop and extend your academic skills for successful study. We offer support to transition, undergraduate, coursework post-graduate and research higher degree students, on every campus and online.

Library Learning Services offer help with assessments and study from Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs) and expert staff. Specialist help is also available for English language, academic writing (including theses) and Library skills. You can book a one-to-one appointment with an Academic Skills and Language Advisor or Librarian, or drop in to the Maths Hub, Science Hub or Coding Hub.

You can also get writing feedback 24/7 via the team at Studiosity.

For information about our workshops, consultations and other services, visit the Library Learning Services.

2. Subject Coordinators

If your issues are more about a subject you are taking, whether that is related to content or assessment, then your Subject Coordinator is the person to contact. Getting on top of these issues early before they turn into something that overwhelms you is key. The Subject Coordinator’s details can be found in the University Handbook and getting in touch by email or making an appointment to seek the support you need can get you moving faster.

3. Course Coordinator

If you are having trouble understanding what subjects you need to take, or are having a hard time choosing an elective that is right for you, then your Course Coordinator is the best person to go and see. You can find these contact details via LMS.

4. ASK La Trobe

ASK La Trobe is a student help service that is available online and can help you with finding answers to frequently asked questions about study and student life. 

ASK La Trobe can help with accepting your offer, enrolment, timetables, student systems, fees and financial support, exams, results, graduations, international student issues and more. ASK La Trobe can link you with others services too.

To access ASK La Trobe, visit the ASK La Trobe website.

5. Extensions and Special Consideration

We don’t always have control over what happens in our lives. La Trobe understands that sometimes unfortunate events occur. Extension requests are best submitted ASAP, but MUST be made at least three days in advance. You are only able to apply for special consideration if the assessment carries more than 15% and meet eligibility criteria. 

You’ll need some supporting documents to be submitted online, this includes things such as a medical certificate or a funeral notice. For any assessments that are weighted less than 15%, contact your Subject Coordinator to explore your options.