Studiosity – free online assignment help and live chat for La Trobe students

92% of students say they feel more confident after using Studiosity.

Studiosity is FREE for La Trobe students! You can use Studiosity up to five times per semester and your five uses include writing feedback on your assessments and live chat sessions.

Get same-day online help with experts who can help answer your questions, provide feedback and tips for your assignments, and more.

To find it, simply access the Studiosity link via the ‘Studiosity’ tile in your LMS.

Here are four ways Studiosity can boost your chances of nailing those final assessments.

Live chat with experts

It’s best described as some sort of academic support wizardry, because someone is waiting to answer your study questions via online chat 24/7. Connect to subject specialists and work through your questions – they’ll help you get unstuck!

Get feedback on your assignments online

Stay home, keep out of the cold and get feedback online!

Simply upload and submit written assignments for feedback on language, grammar, spelling, and structure (but not on content – that’d be magic).

Ask questions and request feedback from peers. We’re sure it’ll help you – and other people with the same doubts.

Save your questions and ask them when it suits you

Need specialist help on a question? If you don’t feel like asking it right away,(or if it’s 3 a.m. and you’re assignment writing while everyone else is sleeping), save your question in Studiosity and ask it later.

Get support when and where it suits you

Studiosity is completely online, which means you can access support from any device at any time. Download the Studiosity App to get support on the go (it’s great for live chat).

Need more help?

To find it, simply click on the ‘Studiosity’ tile on any of your subject pages on LMS.

If you need further assistance, Library Learning support staff and Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs) are available to help. Peer Learning Advisors (PLAs) are experienced students specially trained to help other students.

You chat with a Library Learning support staff or PLA for help with your assessments, finding information, referencing and more!