Staff Health and Wellbeing

Our people at La Trobe contribute to transforming the lives of students through teaching and learning experiences. It is vital that staff health, safety and wellbeing is at the forefront to enable this important work.

At La Trobe, we are committed to improving the employee experience and to building a culture of care for our people to ensure no one is left behind and we create a great place to work.

Our Wellbeing vision and mission

Our vision is to enable our people access to tailored, evidence-based resources (both digital and on-campus) to promote and sustain their health and wellbeing and to feel part of a thriving, inclusive workplace, culture and community.

Our mission is provide our people a place to work where their health and wellbeing is interwoven into the very fabric of their experience every day.

We do this by building accountable, connected, innovative and caring health and wellbeing approaches in line with La Trobe’s cultural qualities.

Our guiding principles

  1. Our people are at the centre of everything we do,
  2. We connect and consult with La Trobe staff across all campuses and work locations to ensure personalised, inclusive models of health and wellbeing,
  3. The creation of a healthy workplace is a shared responsibility – and involves all people at all levels,
  4. We identify and pursue the key enablers that will facilitate long-term systemic change,
  5. We focus on building self-efficacy and empowerment,
  6. We identify and support our at-risk population groups.

A psychologically healthy and safe workplace

Our evidence-based model

At La Trobe University, we utilise a best practice integrated approach to workplace mental health and wellbeing and overall psychological health and safety.  An integrated approach combines initiatives that protect, promote and support mental health.

Evidence indicates that an integrated approach to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace will lead to the greatest benefits for organisations and employees. Integrated approaches draw on the following three key areas of focus:

  1. Protect – protecting the mental health of staff by reducing work-related risk factors for mental health conditions and increasing protective factors.
  2. Promote – promoting mental health and wellbeing by developing the positive aspects of work and employee capabilities; focusing on strengths; modeling positive leadership practices; ensuring work is meaningful; and, building a positive organisational climate.
  3. Support – supporting staff by addressing mental health difficulties and conditions regardless of whether the workplace was a contributing factor.


We are all faced with many challenges on a daily basis and, at La Trobe, the wellbeing of our people is central to our success.  The following confidential support services are available to all of our staff:

Staff Wellbeing Connect *internal link, staff login required to access
Free and confidential support within La Trobe provided by qualified health professionals. Staff Wellbeing Connect is part of Staff Health and Wellbeing at La Trobe.

The aim of Staff Wellbeing Connect is to enhance the work-life success of staff at La Trobe University through early intervention and support in relation to work and non-work related issues.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) *internal link, staff login required to access
Free and confidential, short-term support program for a wide variety of work-related and personal problems. Our EAP is provided by Converge International.

Our Employee Assistance Program includes:

  • Employee Assist
  • Manager Assist
  • Career Assist
  • Family Assist
  • Legal Assist
  • Money Assist
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Assist

La Trobe Psychology Clinic
Offers a range of fee for services for students, staff and their families who want to make changes in their life and enhance their wellbeing.

La Trobe University Medical Centre
The Medical Centre at La Trobe provides bulk billing for La Trobe University students and staff. International students with Overseas Health Cover (OSHC) card may also access these services at no additional cost.


We promote Staff Heath and Wellbeing updates and information through many communication channels including:

  • Regular La Trobe News items and all-staff updates
  • Yammer, the La Trobe social networking tool: Viva Engage (
  • 'What’s On' page on the staff intranet, featuring news and events for the month.

Staff Health and Wellbeing information is also featured in induction of new staff to La Trobe.

For more information, please email