Employability principles

The following principles are our commitment to supporting employability at La Trobe:

  1. Inclusive delivery: all students will have equitable access to employability learning  opportunities, to support successful transition to employment or further study.
  2. Shared responsibility: supporting students’ employability capabilities is a  shared responsibility between students, staff, employers and the community.
  3. Integrated course design: courses will be designed and revised to scaffold the  development of employability capabilities across the student lifecycle.
  4. Authentic learning: students will be given tasks and assessments that develop compatible  skills for the workplace and align to similar responsibilities they will have an employee.
  5. Industry informed: courses will be developed and reviewed in consultation with employers, industry representative bodies, alumni and students to ensure they are  authentic and relevant to contemporary practices.
  6. Intentional reflection: courses and activities will design regular touchpoints to encourage student to reflect upon, document and articulate their  development of knowledge, skills and capabilities.
  7. Evidence-based, continuous improvement: an evidence-based approach will underpin the review  and continuous improvement of subjects, courses and co-curricular experiences  offered to support student employability.
  8. Tailored support: the university will provide tailored communications, professional development and resources to  assist staff to support employability and facilitate connections with industry.