Connecting with Career Ready Advantage

The Career Ready Advantage Award is our sector-leading employability program, that encourages students to develop the skills and experiences highly valued by employers.

Students can achieve up to 3 Career Ready Advantage Awards – silver, gold and platinum, based on completion of a minimum number of activities. All students should have the opportunity to achieve the silver level award through activities within their course.

The Career Ready Advantage Award levels are recognised on students' academic transcripts. Students can find out how to apply for the award via the Career ready LMS.

About the program

The program is structured in three parts. Read on to identify opportunities to include employability in your subject or course and help students on their way to earning a Career Ready Advantage Award.

1. Professional learning

At each level of the award, students are required to complete 4 learning activities. Eligible activities include:

AIM and Wominjeka modules

Students are required to complete these modules in their first year of enrolment.

LinkedIn learning courses

There are over 8,000 courses on LinkedIn Learning, free to all La Trobe staff and students. You may wish to include a link from your subject LMS to a LinkedIn Learning course. These are good resources for students to learn specific skills to assist in completing a learning activity or assessment task. For example, a course on Microsoft PowerPoint or working in teams.

Career Development Learning (CDL) modules

The Career Ready team have developed a suite of CDL modules. These have been built in either LMS workbooks or PebblePad workbooks. The modules cover topics under the broad categories of career planning, preparing for a work placement, and applying for jobs. Subject coordinators are welcome to use these modules in their subjects. All you need to do is create a URL link from your subject LMS to the CDL module. To access, please complete this registration form, and the instructions will be automatically emailed to you.

Other content in subjects

Modules that support students obtaining a professional certification (such as first aid, computer programming languages) can be recognised under the award program.

2. Practical experiences

Students are required to complete 2 practical experiences for each level of the award.

Within the curriculum, practical experiences include Work Integrated Learning subjects, La Trobe essentials subjects, study tours, and employability-focused subjects (such as innovation challenges, or career planning subjects). A full list of practical experiences is listed in the career ready LMS.

3. Career portfolio

Students need to complete 3 career portfolio items for each level of the award.

Career portfolio items are designed to increase the quality of students and graduates job applications. Career portfolios include career plans, resumes, video interviews, mock job applications. Custom portfolio items relevant to the discipline can be included, such as authentic work tasks, that a student or graduate could show an employer.

To include a career portfolio item in the curriculum, it must be assessed, and students provided with feedback.

Example assessment tasks and rubrics are available on the assessment tools webpage. Employability experts from the Employability and WIL team and curriculum designers from LTLT are able to assist with the design of suitable assessment tasks.

Career ready LMS

An LMS site has been set up for students to access learning resources and information about the program and how to apply. All students are automatically enrolled in the career ready LMS. Staff can access this by clicking on the 'enrol me' button.