Wellbeing at La Trobe University

Welcome to 2024! Whether this is your first year at La Trobe, you’re a couple of years into your study journey or you’re coming back to study after other life adventures, La Trobe provides heaps of wellbeing opportunities and support.

What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is a measure of how well your needs are being met over all the parts of your life. The Wellbeing Wheel (below) shows the dimensions of self.

To feel “well” overall, we need to pay attention to where things might be feeling a bit low and take action to take care of that section of ourselves.

Figure 1. A model of wellbeing (Orygen, 2023)

To feel “well”, all these parts of yourself should be cared for and your needs met – if you’re feeling good in only one section, but terrible in the others, you’re going to be feeling pretty off-balance

Wellbeing promotion is a field that supports the wellbeing of individuals and communities by providing more opportunities for balance – enhancing things that make people feel better, and trying to reduce the things that tend to have a negative effect.

Seeking support for your wellbeing at La Trobe

Feeling out of wellbeing balance and not sure how to change? There are free services available at La Trobe University to help you manage your wellbeing:

  • Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion – This division includes counselling and general mental health supports, financial counselling, legal support, specialised mental health supports and more.
  • Safer Community – report or disclose an incident where you or someone else felt unsafe. Find support and referrals.

Want to learn what to do to support your peers’ mental health?

Sign up for our Mental Health Basics training or look for other community training opportunities on our student training page.

What is Mental Health Basics training?

In this practical workshop, you’ll learn how to notice symptoms of mental health difficulties, respond to someone having a tough time, and refer to relevant support services. We cover everything from common mental health concerns to crisis response.