Tanisha’s success with the Career Ready Advantage Award

This reflection is written by Tanisha, an international student from India studying a Masters of Financial Analysis at the Melbourne (Bundoora) campus, is a Platinum Level Career Ready Advantage student. Tanisha’s experience has been so great, she’s ready to share the benefits of the program with the MyLaTrobe community!

My participation in in the Career Ready Advantage program has welcomed new opportunities and enriched my professional journey. Thanks to the program, I’ve not just learnt a lot, but I’ve also landed internships and jobs!

Achieving the Platinum Level in the Career Ready Advantage program was a significant milestone for me. More than just receiving a certificate (bonus – it appears on your academic transcript); it’s also about learning skills and gaining experiences that resonate with potential employers.

More than just theory, the activities are what set the Career Ready program apart!

  1. Professional Learning: LinkedIn Learning courses, workshops, webinars and career events helped me to expand my theoretical knowledge but also provide practical advice for the workforce.
  2. Practical Experiences: The program has provided me with so much practical experience! Participation in programs like industry mentoring, internships and La Trobe Leaders also counted towards my Career Ready Advantage award.
  3. Build a strong resume: The program helps craft compelling content for your resume, showcasing your capabilities and accomplishments.
  4. Prepare you for interviews: You’ll have engaging stories and examples to share with employers, highlighting your initiative and commitment to career readiness.
  5. Develop transferable skills: Engaging in diverse activities hones essential skills highly valued by employers, enhancing your employability.
  6. Building connections and network: By actively seeking opportunities and being proactive, I got to meet a whole lot of people from different backgrounds.

If I was to give advice to new students, I’d recommend investing your time in the Career Ready Advantage program! Participation in the program now is investing in your future success, while you’re here at uni and afterwards.

So, why wait? Start your Career Ready Advantage journey today and unlock your full potential. It’s more than an award on your transcript. Your future self will thank you for it!